Sabine Lenz is a German born artist with Ireland in her heart, She has creativity flowing through her blood with a mixture of Irish and German Designs. Sabine creates and designs all her collections in Ireland, West Cork where she lives and has a studio. Enibas has roared to success in Ireland and Sabine has two Jewellery shops: one in Schull and one in Kinsale. But fear not she has an online shop too. Enibas is one of my new love and if you have a look through her nine collections you can easily see why! Her creativity is fun, classic, empowering and most of all they’re timeless pieces to pass down to family members.

The Follow Your Dream collection is perfect for a woman who’s passionate about her goals and I do believe we all need encouragement to succeed. The Irish writing “Lean Do Bhriongloid” embraces who we are and means Follow Your Dream and this is the heart of the collection inscribed on each precious piece. Enibas is Irish made, handcrafted and embraces originality.

Follow Your Dream Drop Earrings Handcrafted on sterling silver with the signature writing of “Lean Go Bhriongloid”.  Retails at €89.00.


Follow Your Dream Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings carefully crafted with the encryption “Lean Do Bhriongloid” Retails at €89.00.


Follow Your Dream Bracelet  A contemporary piece handcrafted on Sterling Silver. Retails at €69.00.


Follow Your Dream Bangle is of Irish Design on a very flattering Sterling Silver. Retails at €160.00.


Follow Your Dream Bracelet  Is beautifully crafted on sterling silver with a tiny diamond set in gold. Retails at €115.00.


Follow Your Dream Necklace is just stunning, created on sterling silver. Retails at €198.00.


Follow Your Dream Pendant  can be themed with a matching bracelet worn as a set or separate and all chain can easily be lengthened (16”-18”)  and has a precious small diamond set in gold. Retails at €130.00.


Follow Your Dream Pendant is Designed on Sterling Silver with an Irish encryption, you can wear as a set or separate. You can also adjust the chain to 16”-18”. Retails at €80.00.


Follow Your Dream Ring is a ring for those who want to follow their dream, perfect to wear alone or as a set. Retails at €75.00.


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