is a Dublin based tech start up that hand delivers clothes bundles to customers anywhere in the city – home or office. The first and only of it’s kind, this site is a personal shopping platform that brings what is being done in New York and London to this fashionable city.

Tell us a little about your background in fashion and how did you start.

I have been working in fashion for over 10+ years now. I started out working at the Topshop flagship store in Soho, New York where I was working with the VIP clients. Most recently, I was living in London working as a trend consultant for ASOS, specifically dressing the specialist range, including curve, tall, petite and maternity. I’ve always loved dressing up and putting together outfits in my head; I’m constantly engaged in the fashion narrative.

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Pic by Ioan Hiliuta

What brings you out of the bed in the morning?

I’ve only lived in Dublin for less than a year so I still feel like I have so much to see in this city. I’m very excited about who the day will bring to me in terms of new clients and where I’ll end up in this city. When I have a free moment, I’m usually in one of the parks, bookstores or boutiques.


Where do you find the inspiration?

My natural curiosity and sentiment for fashion is what inspires me in this business and my daily life. I genuinely enjoy seeing what some of my favorite influencers are trying or what events in our culture are shaping how we dress. I think inspiration comes quite naturally when you have the passion. I’m often playing with my own wardrobe and creating new looks out of what I already own (a service I also offer to clients).

Pic by Ioan Hiliuta

Where did you come up with this idea about the personal shopper and home delivery?

When I first came to visit my boyfriend who was living here in Dublin, I wanted to go out shopping one day. I realized that most of the high-street stores are a bit far to get to and are quite packed and dense; shopping didn’t feel as relaxed and leisurely as I thought a city as cool as this would. The boutiques are somewhat spread apart and a lot of online shopping either charges more than the content your purchasing to deliver to Ireland or they take weeks to arrive. I thought, we’re so used to having everything delivered to us – food, home goods etc – why isn’t there a customized service in the city to do the same?

I had friends tell me they wanted to get new clothes but they didn’t want to deal with the stores and waiting in lines to try things on and purchase, especially when it came to returns. I was asked if I would go shopping for friends and they would pay me. From there it made sense to bring this to a city where I thought I could maybe help shopping become easier. I think this especially made sense when I thought about all these working women in the tech industry here who just don’t have the time but want to look and feel their best for their body shape and budget.

Pic by Ioan Hiliuta

Who are your clients?

My clients are 20-something to 50-something women who are engaged in fashion and want to look their best but either don’t have the time to get to the big stores or don’t know exactly what they’re looking for when they do. My service is both the expertise of a personal stylist dressing you with the convenience of door to door delivery. I have tons of new moms who don’t have the time to get to the high-streets but also want someone who can help dress their new body. I am hoping to give women the power of confidence that comes with loving how they look – without any of the hassle.


Where do you want to see your business in the next 2 years? And in long term?

I am hoping to eventually expand my team of personal stylists and delivery drivers within the next year. Beyond that, I think this is an app and a service that could expand into many smaller, cosmopolitan cities like Dublin.



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