ONDINE Winter 2017 #24

ONDINE Winter 2017 #24

winter fashion

With less than 30 days to go until Christmas we bring you the latest Winter
collection of photography from across the globe before we wrap up for this
year. It has been an eventful year for us here at Ondine; we have a new office
in Dublin and are slowly expanding with your help, our loyal reader. Personally
it’s been a challenging year but with many new lessons learned. If there is one
piece of advice that I can share with you is to be true to yourself and live an
authentic life. So if you’re thinking of pushing your photography, modelling or
creative talents to the next level with some new technique, or collaboration feel
the fear and do it anyway. You are born once, you live once, you die once.
Grow and share your talent with the world, they’re waiting for you.

Remember to check out www.ondine.ie to see the latest trends, beauty tutorials
and everything about fashion. I hope you enjoy reading this issue, in the same
way we enjoyed making it. Remember to email us at submissions@ondine.ie
with submissions, editorials, articles, or even questions you might have and we
will be more than happy to help. Merry Christmas and a fabulous new year!



ONDINE Winter 2017

By Ondine Magazine

96 pages, published 11/29/2017

Winter 2017 Fashion Issue #24Featured: Denisa Photo, Yazan Hamama, Mosaab Alsaray, Greg Alexander, Luis Filipe, Bharathan Kangatheran, Flavia Diaco, Paul Johnston, Cristey Rowe, Roberto Bocchini, Cristina Oliveira, Ioan Hiliuta