pre tan exfoliator

Recently Primark brought out a tanning range and I was a bit surprised when I tried a few products from the collection, my first thoughts were are these reviews real that I’m reading?

So I had to find out and my first choice was an exfoliator, it’s micro beads left my skin refreshed and ready to get my glow on!

Rating 10/10.

Reason. It’s one of my favourite scrubs this year and gave me a flawless application when applying both tans.

pre tan exfoliator

The Second part was using the dark to very dark tanning mousse which had a light floral scent to it, giving a good non orange deep dark tan. I highly recommend the mousse for Summer Months especially this shade.

Rating 10/10

Reason. I found it easy to apply and the colour was fantastic!

self tan mousse

The third product I tried was the tanning gel, let’s just say this will be replacing my Rimmel Sun Shimmer, this is a very easy wash of tan giving a 24hour glow.

Rating 10/10

Reason. I found this on par to previous products and find the price does not reflect the quality, if anything I felt I got a high quality bargain!

instant tan gel

The Tan Remover taking the beauty world by storm, my fourth product I tried from the tanning range, I found this one a little bit strange if I’m being honest it was probably because I was completely new to a tan eraser. Once applied I left it work for 10 minutes and then had a shower, it instantly started to make the tan melt of the skin, but I did go in with the exfoliator which was probably an old habit.

Rating 9/10

Reason. A revoluntary product and found it easy to use.

self tan eraser

Will I be repurchasing again? 100% loved the tan collection and delighted to finally find one that won’t break the bank!


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