The Irish Derby, known this year as the “Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby Festival” may be well and truly behind us, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning your outfit for next year’s race day. The Derby is one of the largest sporting events in the country, as well as one of the biggest opportunities for stylists and designers to showcase their fashion creations in front of the national and international media.

While the Derby may conjure up images of seriously OTT hats and people trying to pull off glittery heels as daywear, it’s also packed with some seriously stylish folk trying to showcase their taste and skills in front of the cameras. Here’s your guide to dressing right for Derby Day.

Wear a Hat, But Don’t Go Crazy

Of course you should wear a hat – it’s a horse race! What you shouldn’t do, however, is wear a hat that becomes the sole talking point of your entire ensemble. Your hat should be a bold piece of headwear, but consider whether the one you’re choosing is, first of all, practical. If it’s literally too heavy to wear for more than a few minutes, you’ve got the wrong hat. Consider one that is small, subtle, sleek and stylish – the four S’s of winning headgear. You can depart from the primary colour of your outfit when choosing a hat, but make sure it doesn’t clash.

Jumpsuits are in for 2019

When it comes to high fashion sporting events, summer dresses are out and jumpsuits are in. While a jumpsuit offers a much more slick alternative that allows you to accentuate your limbs, they’re also a more practical fashion option for a day that involves plenty of walking around. You may be shuttling back and forth to the bookies to make your bets, so you’ll want plenty of mobility, although it is possible to make your wagers and do your sports betting online through a platform like Mr Green, so you don’t have to risk scuffing your shoes, and can spend more time sipping pink gin than queueing up for a slip. Following the British Royal Ascot’s decision to allow attendees to wear jumpsuits, they are expected to become all the rage at high-profile race days across the globe, so make sure to pick your’s up well in advance.

Make a Statement, Just Not with Your Shoes

As fashion queen Coco Chanel once said, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”. The principle behind this rings true today, in that you should never over-accessorise, and should just stick to one or two bold items if you want to make a statement. While killer heels are an effective way to turn heads, Derby Day is not the time to do this. Your shoes will get muddy, and no-one will actually be paying attention to them. Opt instead for some killer sunglasses (weather permitting) or a memorable piece of jewellery which complements your outfit.

If you have any choice fashion tips for future Derby Days, let us know in the comments below.

Images Source: Pixabay


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