Feel the moment. These words define the philosophy of Obaku. Powerful words if you are able to live by them. When you feel the moment, you are present and feel alive. The past and future disappears for a short while, leaving only the current moment.

Obaku are one of the hottest brands with beautiful new designs twice a year constantly pushing boundaries by the new creations that appear from the hands of Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengard Ruge. Obaku is inspired by nature, the Obaku name Stems from a branch of the Zen philosophy, and to us that feeling of Zen is often found in nature.

Obaku’s origin is a story about a Danish entrepreneur with a great respect and appreciation of the Danish design heritage, meeting a Chinese business  woman who, through the traditions of Chinese culture, had a unique understanding and love for the Zen Philosophy.

After twenty-one years of manufacturing watches for some of the best know brands in the world, the pair decided to launch their own brand, Obaku, in 2007. Obaku would pay tribute to and take inspiration from the culture and design traditions from the Danish and Chinese culture, combining the classic Danish minimalist look with the cleanness and simplicity of Zen.

Obaku has become one of the fastest growing watch companies in the world and is still an independently owned and operated business with more than 200 employees, point of sale in more than seventy countries worldwide and offices in Denmark, China, Hong Kong and The United States.

Obaku’s watches don’t just tell the time, they represent much more, with attractive curves and simple elegant designs, giving a feeling to celebrate the sheer beauty of basic materials.

You can find the perfect time piece from Obaku for yourself or a his and her watch. Obaku have something for everyone in mind and is sure to stand the test of time.


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