Noble Isle is a distinctive and exquisite modern Bath and Body brand, made in the UK and inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles. Using premium, bespoke design, shunning the ordinary in favour of the original, Noble Isle combines the finest fragrance and natural extracts all sourced in the British Isles to create a luxurious collection of 27 unisex bath, body and home fragrance products. Each product leaves a unique and lasting sensory impression, with Noble Isle set to become The New Tradition in Luxury Bathing.

Noble Isle was the first recorded term used for Great Britain in the fifteenth century. “This Nobill Isle, callit Gret Britanee”, declared James III of Scots while negotiating the marriage of his son to Cecily of England in 1474.

The efflorescent emblem of Noble Isle is the work of a Cornish artist, created from a series of bespoke hand drawings to represent the great flowers of the British Isles – daffodil, rose, shamrock and thistle – arranged in the iconic British roll-top bath.

Creators of Noble Isle have travelled the length and breadth of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to source authentic, quintessentially British ingredients that celebrate our rich cultural history and deliver results worthy of the Noble Isle crest: the Coat of Balms. Noble Isle’s sumptuous lotions and washes feature extracts sourced from some of the most celebrated local producers, including Rhubarb from England, Sea Oak from Ireland, Malted Barley from Scotland and Beetroot from Wales.

They’re great believers in the power of fragrance to enhance mood, trigger memories and create a sense of place – which is why each Noble Isle fine fragrance has been carefully composed to take you on a journey, revealing layers of sumptuous scent.

They have worked with a top nose in the industry to create truly unique fragrances with proper top, heart and base notes that evoke an emotive journey in the shower, bath and home.

Noble Isle have designed and tooled a range of thoroughly bespoke packaging to reflect the personality of the Noble Isle collection: bold, luxurious and inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles. In its quest for a proud and distinctive design, the Noble Isle creative team explored bottle shapes from the historic alcohol industries of the British Isles, which in our opinion have produced some of the most creative silhouettes and detailing. The crowning bottle design of their washes, creams and haircare was inspired by the satisfying shape of an old whisky keg, and each bottle is topped by a custom-created pump embossed with the Noble Isle Coat of Balms, a pure stamp of quality.

When creating Noble Isle, they felt that many brands and products were sounding the same, with the trend in copy being ingredient led. They strive to create a new voice for their proud brand,

Many of the names have an interesting story behind them. Whisky & Water is an old British drink; Sea of Green is in a line from a Beatles song – The Yellow Submarine, Willow Song is from Shakespeare’s play Othello.

Pictured above is a perfect gift set to introduce someone to Noble Isle or even a treat for your lovely self, the set has four Bath & Shower Gels; Willow Song, Summer Rising, Fireside, Whisky & Water.

You can spoil yourself here.

Noble Isle’s sole objective is to create outstanding, high performing, fragrance led, luxurious products that deliver a complete sensory experience.


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