nicola paparazzo

Nicola Paparazzo by Mark Hinds

nicola paparazzo

Had a great time modelling for this vintage shoot up at the cottage. The hair and makeup done by the girls was fabulous and really sets the look off and brings everything together. Trying on all the clothes was awesome, everything from that era is so much more sophisticated and figure flattering regardless of size. It was very relaxed on set and Mark is so professional we managed to get through lots of different looks in minimum time and have lots of fun in the process! Nicola Paparazzo

nicola paparazzo

Was great working in shoot along with Mark Nicola and Annette. Always fantastic results with marks work. He is a fantastic photographer. Nicola was a pleasure to work with and i enjoyed doing the styles in her hair. Annette is a fantastic make up artist and i always enjoy working along side her. Over all the day was fantastic and i always look forward to doing shoots with them and the chance to do different hair styles. Until the next one!! Becky Salvatore

nicola paparazzo

What can i say i loved doing the makeup for this photo shoot! Its so exciting being given a theme and then creating the look. I got to work along side some talented people and we all had a laugh. The best feeling is seeing the final results. Amazing work from all the team and im looking forward to doing more work in the future with Mark. Annette Montgomery
Model: Nicola Paparazzo

Hair Stylist: Becky Salvatore

MUA: Annette Montgomery

Photographer: Mark Hinds


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