A tan to be recognised, a new way of tanning from Lusso Tan and it’s completely Organic too. Here’s a three step guide to the Hollywood tan, prep, tan and shimmer.


The first step to achieve your perfect tan is to prep your skin and when applying the primer I recommend you leave it dry for a few minute before your application of step two. You can also use this primer as your base for your foundation.

best self tanner

Step two, once the primer is dry apply your self-tan. The shades are light, medium and dark. Leave on overnight and rinse in the morning. Usually the day before applying tan or that night I exfoliate, this tan is very concentrated and will last you a lot longer than regular tans but remember less is more when applying Lusso Tan. You will achieve a streak free application, it also has a slight tint to it for a easy application and it dry’s very quickly. Develops from 4-8 hours and is also non-sticky.


The Shimmer want can I say it’s the ultimate glow you want to add to your flawless tan, apply on cheekbones, collarbones and a slight shimmer on the legs to give a wow factor.

You can purchase all on Lusso Tan and from a personal point of view the tan lasted me a full seven days but bear in mind: I didn’t use a body oil as body oils can decrease your self tanner and it gives the perfect fade.




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