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Did he really think they were going to fall for it?

Online bullying and shaming has grown in the last couple of years. In fact, there are some who have been creating fake social media accounts to do just that. In addition, there are those that request inappropriate photographs from models, make-up artists or anyone who is working in the fashion industry.

At this point we feel an example is necessary to illustrate the matter. After using a fake name and pretending to be a Monster Energy Drink ambassador, one guy (we can’t name him for legal reasons) started chatting to women by pretending to need them to model for a dirt bike show. Furthermore he used foul and completely atrocious English which led us to think how he possibly thought he’d get away with it.

One of the models who doesn’t want to be named for privacy reasons told us: “Well I was confused at first. I’m not a model so I don’t know how he found me in the first place. I don’t advertise myself and I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know. Then I found out that he was messaging loads of other girls doing the same thing”

But then another model, Lera Manukovskaya, decided to play a prank on the same guy getting a little revenge for all the girls he annoyed.

Using a smart name for a ‘new energy drink’, Uranob, she had a little fun.

She told us: “There should be no harassment or inadequate behaviour in modelling /mua /photographers community”

models revenge

model revenge

model revenge

model revenge

model revenge

model revenge

While many people in this industry are genuine photographers, models MUAs etc. there will be a few who aren’t. Consequently, these people will pretend to be someone they’re not. They will try to trick or deceive those actually trying to advance in their respective field. In conclusion, to our readers we say the following; next time anyone approaches you for any collaborative project, ask to see their credentials. Similarly, ask to see their portfolio. Even get references if you must. Always exercise due diligence and if you’re uncomfortable attending any meeting in person on your own, bring a friend.


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