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What do models really eat?


An important question was raised recently on the topic of the nutrition habits of the model world after Calvin Klein hired a plus sized model named Myla Dalbesio for the brand’s latest campaign. Many protested that being a size 10 is the size of an every day woman, not a plus sized one and that the world’s attitude on what’s considered plus sized and what not needed reforming.


After a major outburst of really thin – almost emaciated – models with long legs and protruding bones first made their appearance on runways all over the world in the start of the millennium, girls started limiting their portion servings to fit into this new glamorous world where if you weren’t thin enough, you were immediately excluded. Models started looking less and less healthy giving off an anorexic vibe and developed bad habits like consuming pills and various appetite reducing drugs, food restriction, waist training, excessive exercising combined with exhausting diets, etc.

Luckily after the tragic effects these harmful habits caused, a new era began in the model world that demanded models to look more healthy and fit than thin. Thus, many famous models like Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss, Lara Stone and Gisele Bundchen started to share their eating habits with the world in the form of interviews or Instagram and Facebook posts.

A few rules that models follow today are: a balanced diet consisting of all the food groups, small and frequent meals, smart food combinations, preparing meals and choosing good ingredients in a raw or organic form. First thing in the morning is a generous breakfast that fuels the models for the rest of their hectic day; oatmeal and juice or coffee are model favorites. For lunch it is necessary that they eat a green salad with a source of protein like meat; chicken or fish. And for dinner, a salad, sushi or a sandwich are common choices. For snacking, models turn to fruits and vegetables, nuts and Greek yogurt. Lately, smoothies and green juices have been loved by models as they are easy to pack to go and offer all the nutrients to keep the models going.

models eat

Of course, throughout the day, they remain hydrated as that keeps their energy up as well as providing them with flawless complexion; so, they drink plenty of water and green tea to boost their metabolism. Models have their ‘cheat’ days too, like the rest of us. In days where they crave something less healthy like chocolate, cookies or a glass of wine, they succumb to pleasure but are sure to overcompensate with clean eating from then on. Being normal women like us and despite having been blessed with good bodies, they have to work hard to maintain them. To do that, they train hard at the gym or at home, go to spin classes, take yoga, Pilates or ballet and dance lessons to build a strong, fit body.

Models today are becoming more like the models of the 80s and 90s; good role models that promote healthy living and eating and can set an example for any woman who wants to be inspired to live a more balanced life.

So, if you want to eat like a model, you have to look at the bigger picture; clean eating and working out are a must


by Marialena K.


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