Miss Glory Wise – artist and model

Miss Glory Wise – artist and model

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She’s lived most of her life in Oklahoma, US, where she was born. At age seven she received a letter inviting her to a modeling audition. She could not attend but a seed was planted and now blossoms.glory wise terry mcgraw

But long before that letter she had developed a love for drawing. Today the two are joined together in one beautiful and amazing young lady.

Introducing Miss Glory Wise, artist and model. Glory has risen from humble and harsh beginnings. Slow in school, impatient teachers yelled and other students bullied. She had no friends and fared little better at home. But she loved to draw, and excelled at it. This became her escape, her passion. While in high school, corrective surgery on her malformed jaws dramatically changed her looks.

Glory’s newfound beauty and confidence resurrected her dream of modeling. She has since meshed it with her love of art and pursues both avenues of self expression. They compliment one another, each providing its own positivity.

glory wiseArt keeps her motivated, focused and positive while modeling provides confidence and empowerment. The two also bring their separate fan bases, providing broad support.

Glory shines as both.

As an artist, her ultimate canvas is the human body and most of her artwork is designed toward that end. As a model she hopes to impact society’s (and the fashion industry’s) attitude toward people who express themselves through body art. And she encourages women to embrace their “imperfect” bodies and to shun the fashion industry’s absurd standard for beauty. One day she hopes to shatter the glass ceiling in the male dominated trade of tattooing.

She is pursuing license as a tattooist and when she opens her shop it will also serve as an art gallery showcasing her work.

Glory’s other interests including cooking, gardening, fashion design, sculpting and cats!

She eventually hopes to open a refuge for hundreds of the homeless critters.

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Photos by Terry McGraw

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