Miami House Party

MIAMI House Party

Heralding from Belfast, Ireland, Miami House Party have been building their reputation by rocking many a floor around the globe with their vibrant blend of house, tech house and tribal sounds, all supported with their own high quality productions.

The powerhouse duo, Aaron and Robbie AKA Miami House Party, have been gracing floors from Belfast, Dublin, Estonia, Glasgow, Ibiza and Krakow, and were also proud to announce in 2017, that their latest release, Suda, was signed to Armada Music.

miami house party
Miami House Party

What would you consider as the start-up of your carrier?

Aaron: I don’t think I can place the exact moment, but I have always been passionate and around music from as long as I can remember. In regards to MHP, I had lost touch with Robbie for a few years and he was doing a bit with a few great signings and saw I was producing so got in touch. We had coffee, he convinced me to make some tunes together and the rest is history.

Robbie: Mmmm would have to be when I was a kid I use to go record shopping with my brother and use to collect vinyl & CDs and built it up from there.

Did you know each other before making music together?

Aaron: Yeh, we have know each other for a long time. We met about 15 years ago and in one way or another have always had contact and a friendship.

Robbie: Yeah we use to play on the swings when we were younger.

How did you feel after your first collaboration with a well-known record label?

Aaron: It was amazing! It was incredibly humbling that our work and efforts were now being recognized by a huge label, but more so the artist’s on the label and the support we got off the back of the signing. Like I said, we are so into our music and been doing this a long time so to have support from the DJs / artists we have always admired is incredible and such a blessing.

Robbie: As Aaron stated very humbling and keeps us hungry to always make bigger and better music!  Having collected Robbie Rivera’s records for years to then collab with him as well as personally asked to remix for his latest “stardust” track on Armada was an overwhelming feeling.

We know that since your debut back in 2012 you worked with important names in the industry like Sony, CME/Warner, Black Hole Recordings, Housesession, Juicy Music, Celestial, Lukesclub, Geoma or Glamour Punk. In what way would you say that it has influenced your growth?

Aaron: I think more than anything it just made up keep going. There have been so many lows from we started and a lot of times we were ready to walk away from it all, but when labels like Sony, Warner, Juicy etc wanted to sign / license tracks then it kept giving us the belief that it could happen and was happening. It just takes time, patience and a lot of self belief, which is something we have fought hard to find and I believe we are at that stage now where it is all coming into place in a big, exciting way.

Robbie: Been a rollercoaster and I mean a rollercoaster! Being at the lowest points in our life, getting knock backs after knock backs to labels than believing and investing their time into us makes you deliver some great music and a drive to keep setting that bar at such a high standard for our fans which we can say we have now and blessed by.

Miami house party
Miami House Party


Nowadays, most artists choose to be independent and create their own label records. Have you thought about creating your own record label?

Aaron: To be honest, that is exactly what we are doing. We are currently in the latter stages of setting up on our label, we have had minor things in the past, but this time it’s very exciting, but we are limiting the music to be released. I have built up and currently working on music with Hip Hop artists in the US, folk singers in the UK etc and really excited for the development of that. So watch this space.

Robbie: Exciting new venture for Aaron which he will run and oversee from all aspects. I shall be mainly focusing on my own productions for the label.

You have won the 2014 “Best Dance Music Artist” by Love Music Awards and you were also nominated for the 2015 one. Nevertheless, radios recognized Miami House Party to be a rising duo in the same period of time. First of all, Congratulations!!! and second of all, what would you say it was the key of success that led you to winning important awards in such a short time after your debut?

Aaron: Persistence, perseverance and passion. I know that sounds cheesy but its fact! If we didn’t keep going and believing it would happen then the music wouldn’t have happened, never mind the awards. The awards were so exciting and humbling as they were public voted which make them even more special to us.

Robbie: I repeat: “Persistence, perseverance and passion”. Sheer determination to achieve your goals in life. Wont happen overnight trust me.

You’ve played your music on big stages in Dublin, Belfast, Ibiza, Estonia, Glasgow or Krakow. How do you feel the crowd reacts to your music? What is the impact that you think your music has on people?

Aaron: I think ur following on social media would suggest people like the music, but how it impacts them I honestly don’t know how to answer that. I hope it does though because for me personally, that’s why I do this. My whole life is focused on music and how it makes me feel. There are songs that no matter what mood I’m in , they have the power to instantly alter that and to think music has that power is incredible and shows the strength of music. I hope that something we make inspires someone else to pursue their dream, changes their mood, reminds them of a great time… I think with the growth of Juicy Music, Toolroom, Defected, Hedkandi etc the global appeal for the style of music is massive. There is a crowd in every country that relate to this sound and react in a big way to it.

Robbie: Social media following and the personal messages we receive is amazing, so definitely a positive impact!

The most exciting news about your evolution relate to this year, 2017. Your latest release, Suda, was signed to Armada Music which is a huge name in the industry nowadays. Would you consider this to be the “next level” of your career?

Aaron: I think any artist in the industry knows the name ‘Armada’ so its huge, but i do feel what that signing has done is set us up to head to the “next level”. We have some huge news announced very soon and do feel the signing to Armada and in fact Juicy Music has really take us to another height.

Robbie: The team at Armada and especially Robbie Rivera & the Juicy team have pushed us to new heights, which I want to send a big thank you to. I think personally our sound has been “sculpted” from this release and future releases will follow suit on that big club sound of dirty, tribal house grooves!

What can you tell us about the album that you’ll be launching this year? Will it maintain the same line that you’ve followed until now or you’ve considered any sort of changes in style?

Aaron: The album I think will be a shock for everyone that has listened or does listen to our music. There are some real surprises in there, but we are really excited to get it out there. A lot of vocal features too which will be nice to have for people and worked with some amazing up and coming artists on the album. So where there will still be MHP in there, the element of not really knowing what will come next is really exciting for us and hope the audience enjoy it!

Robbie: Its going to be a very diverse range of music ranging from all or most styles, focusing more on music we love outside of our single releases.  Collabs with Artists from all over the world.  Album will be available in digital, CD & even Vinyl format.

Would you be able to tell us what the definition of success is to you and do you consider that you’ve achieved your goals?

Aaron: What we do / have done to inspire someone to follow their dream too. This is exactly that, a dream and we live it. Money, fans, nice things are great, but they aren’t a reason why we do this. Success is continuing to make music, have fun, make our families proud and keep doing it!

Robbie: “Winners never quit. Quitters never win!”. Success is just an added extra, stay humble and hungry and know your roots.  Having friends and family proud of what you do is success.  Remembering who you are & believe in yourself is success. Keep making good music for the masses… This is the warm up for better things.



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