We are more aware of how important our Barber/Hair Stylist is when we were left in lockdown with serious hair growth and more than ever we are looking to alternatives to help us out until we are back to normality. We picked out a few trusted clippers from Wahl to keep the hubby or yourself looking groomed and fresh during this difficult time.

The Wahl Aqua Blade Trimmer is perfect for facial trimming it’s extremely quick to charge up the battery, a 60 minute charge will give you 180 hours of use. To get extreme precession when cutting I recommend you using it on dry hair for a quicker result now it can be used wet or dry but it’s just a personal recommendation as it can be used in the shower. Create crisp, sharp outlines with it’s t-shape blade. Retails on Boots for €109.99 but is now on sale for €73.32 to purchase click here.

The Family Clippers is another one of my favourites from Wahl which features 10 coloured guard attachments with the numbering system on the clippers and also on the attachments.  The set comes in a grooming bag with a Wahl cutting comb and scissors, the cordless clippers gives you the freedom you need to achieve a buzz cut, family cut or crop.

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