Constructing the perfect bridal look is something that is planned, prepared and rehearsed months in advance. From the daunting task of choosing the perfect gown to finding comfortable shoes, perfect accessories, hair and makeup that will be changed just about a thousand times, and of course, figuring out where to stick that family heirloom your mother insists you wear. One key part of a bride’s look is, of course, the bouquet. Or better said, the arrangement she carries in her hand, because not all of them contain flowers. So how to you match the arrangement to your overall bridal look? Here are some tips:

                    What a bridal bouquet should always be

There aren’t many “rules” that you should follow during your wedding day. However, some things are said for your own good, and you would do well to think twice about them. Firstly, your bouquet should be comfortable. You won’t be carrying it around all day, but you will for the most part, so make it fit well. Sometimes wrapping the stems in fabric can help make it more comfortable, as does adjusting the size of it. Secondly, you don’t want your bouquet to outshine you. It should be complementing you, not stealing the show, so don’t go too crazy with it. Lastly, your bouquet should fit in with the look of the wedding. Bringing in a wildflower messy bouquet to a polished, traditional wedding will just look out of place.

                    Choose the right flowers

Different flowers will give a completely different vibe to your outfit, especially because they are such a centerpiece. Small, symmetrical, even-sized flowers will give a clean, polished look, perfect for a pristine white dress with a long train, or a simple, vintage dress. On the other hand, if you want something to spice up an otherwise classic look, you can make an elaborate bouquet of artificial flowers, which will command attention and give attitude to your outfit. If you are holding a rustic or boho wedding, then wild flowers and seasonal berries can be a great look. And if you are having a destination wedding, you can compose an arrangement that features some beautiful local flowers, or maybe create one that features flowers from your homeland, as a simple homage to your roots.

                    Follow the shape

There are more bouquet shapes than you can possibly imagine, and then some – not all flowers come in forms of bouquets. But matching the bouquet to your dress is an important thing, and one that you shouldn’t skip. Firstly, your bouquet should never be too wide, or it will hide our silhouette, because your carry your bouquet primarily at the height of your waist. Secondly, you want to take into consideration your height, and the length of the dress. A bouquet too small can look silly with a tall bride, or a very long dress. In that case, consider a cascading bouquet, which will give a beautiful flow and follow the line of the dress. If your gown has a busy waistline with a belt or other accessories, you might want something small or subtle, or opt for a presentation style bouquet, where you carry it on your arm, to the side of your body. And if you aren’t sure what style would suit your gown, a safe and very popular bet is to create something small and asymmetric, with a few splashes of color throughout. You can also opt for something completely different, like carrying your flowers in a small woven basket, or even carrying a cupcake bouquet, stack of books or other alternatives.

Of course, before you walk down the aisle with the flowers in your hands, you want to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of them, because the only tears filling your eyes should be tears of joy. And you want to take into consideration your maid of honor, since she is the one that will be holding your bouquet throughout the ceremony, so make sure it fits her dress as well.


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