mario sughi
Inside Luan Gallery Athlone

Mario Sughi, was born in Cesena in 1961. His father was the artist Alberto Sughi and it was in his studio under his guidance that Mario started painting and drawing. Towards the end of the seventies in Rome he published his first cartoons and illustrations for Il Male and Zut, two popular satirical magazines of the time. In 1986 he graduated from La Sapienza Univesity with a degree in Art and History. Three years later he moved to Dublin where in 1995 he completed a PhD in Medieval History at Trinity College. In 1996 in Queen’s University, Belfast he prepared for the Irish Manuscripts Commission an edition of a Latin medieval text.

On the Grass


On his return to Dublin he went back to his original occupation, working as an illustrator for a commercial company of archaeolgists. It was during this time that he started to use digital techniques for his drawing. In 2007 he turned to producing his own art and illustration on a full-time basis.


Nude or Empty Interior

In that year he had his first group exhibition in Dublin at the Loft Gallery in Lombard Street, followed by his first solo exhibitions, at the Green Room, in Manchester in 2010, and then at the Exchange Gallery in Temple Bar and The Complex Studios in Smithfield Square, in Dublin in 2011.

His reputation has grown quickly and his work now features in both public and private collections, including the Municipal Gallery of Waterford, the Contemporary Art Museum of Cassino (CAMUSAC), and the Absolute Art Collection. In 2011 he showed at the Italian Cultural Institute of Dublin as part of the 54th Venice Biennale. His works have been presented in solo exhibitions in different venues in Waterford (2012), Rome (2012), Vicenza (2013), Mannheim (2014 & 2015), Aberdeen (2016) and Turin (2016).


mario sughi

His work has also been installed at Dublin Airport (2011), NHOW Hotel (Milan 2013), Grosby Park (Dublin 2015), and Raheny Public Library (Dublin 2016),  and presented in the last sixt Annual Exhibitions at the RHA in Dublin.

In 2017, his work can be seen till 26th of August at Luan Gallery in Athlone.



“It’s like when you sit in a coffee shop and enjoy looking at the people passing by. Some of the people capture your attention. You follow them with your eyes and you reinvent their stories. And yet the only thing you know about those people and their lives is their image standing in front of you. And that is what you try to do when then you draw and paint: you try to capture and reproduce those interesting images. Nothing more nothing less, because the image seems already to have everything you need within it.


mario sughi
Works ready at Pictures Block

I don’t know what I am doing in terms of meaning when I work. It’s not that interesting to me. My interest is in colour, form, composition and light. If you create a nice image, that image will probably contain something interesting. And something meaningful as well. But that will emerge only later, when the work is finished and you look at it on the wall.

In retrospective, when I look at my recent works, I think that the images I have created, at times modern (new), colourful and beautiful, at times a bit aggressive, depict a world that looks a lot like our contemporary society where the figures who take the scene seem to be searching for a moment of rest, separation, reflection. But I don’t think that was my intention when I started, and possibly somebody else looking at the works won’t see this, and will see other things.


mario sughi

Ultimately the work is about the image and the image is made by colours, lights and volumes. It seems to me that new mixed media & digital painting, so naturally adapted to working with primary colours, large backgrounds and flat surfaces, allows for the creation of very elegant images with a great sense of depth. At least, this is my expectation  and vision.”

You can contact Mario HERE


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