Italian Designer Marco Moreo has created an unstoppable diverse Autumn/Winter collection. The originality can be seen within all of Marco’s new and previous collections which are extremely comfortable, his fresh outlook on shoes are seen within his 30 years of pure dedication and success. We picked a few key pieces to update and to complement your ensemble

Judy Animal print, what passion! The chicest slipper discovers pony leather in a classic leopard pattern: hot shades to cool the autumn – better to live in happiness! Like little eyes that bring exoticism to the city from the savannah, the animal print has cream, beige, and black tones. The Moreo touch?

Dress in a clean-cut slipper, refine the toe cap and heel with ochre borders, embellish the mood with the most classic gold straps.Really super sophisticated in its originality, for a soft-rock style, suitable for all ages.

Dora, what a boot! Super wedge, super strap, super height! The wedge emphasizes the tank profile, in a zig-zag play that does not go unnoticed. Stones and studs line the strap on the leg, as if they were dancing in a round dance that finishes our super original boot with light.

Whether it is more sober in the black version, or more incisive in the red alternative, Dora has all the charm of an up-to-date shoe: to face the winter with joy, imagination, and a lot of grit. Without shivering.

Serena The Moreo amphibian is total black and with minimal proportions: not too high on the leg, irresistible in its mix of rock & glam.

The super sports rubber base is finished (and refined) by small studs applied to the welt. The eyelets continue the run and rediscover decoration: useful and futile.

The zipper is there, not used, but it is seen! Because it does not serve as a hinge, it refines the profile and gives a nod to a more metal mood.

And then the tongue: it comes out and looks, proudly shows off the rhinestone pavé that dresses it entirely. And, once again, it becomes an element for the sock that turns into a decoration with a super glam touch.

There is no doubt, versatile and cool, Serena is the seasonal rock chic boot with a twist.

Dana  Did you miss it last season? Don’t worry. Dana – our lace-up that gives height and so much comfort – is also a protagonist in this Collection! The clean, rigorous, and elegant mood has made it successful in the past and promotes this fast-paced derby among our classics.

What do you like? The super fit – the fit is perfect, the shoe fits like a glove. And what a sole it has! Important and with great stability, it transforms the sole into a vortex of bicolour determination.

New! The animal print insert on the heel: the fur’s warmth revives the winter version of Marco Moreo’s most beloved. And it increasingly enhances the play of contrasts.

Each version has a different sole. Black/gold combined with the red shoe: super rock! Silver/black on black: super chic! White/black on white.


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