Berry be beauty

Berry Be Beauty | Handmade Irish Quality

Irish company Berry Be Beauty was founded by the lovely Lorna Venton who spent many years working in the beauty industry as a reflexologist, holistic and beauty therapist. Located in North Dublin, Lorna creates handmade natural beauty products, essential oil and soy wax candles (hand-poured)

Berry be beauty

Berry Be Beauty is no stranger to TV appearances and Lorna has also won ‘Business Woman Of The Year‘ in their new emerging Business category and has be awarded the Guaranteed Irish Logo.

All of Berry Be Beauty is 100% natural, using only the finest natural raw ingredients & highest quality oils. They’re free from artificial chemicals, parabens and are also cruelty free.

Berry be beauty

The two products I’ve been trying out from Lorna’s range is the Fig & Pomegranate Body Polish & Body Butter. The Body Polish is made of the highest quality and is great for giving that glow back to the skin and is formulated with a fine sea salt, which helps to soften the skin by gently removing dead skin. The rich body butter easily absorbs into the skin which leaves a lovely moisturised feel. Use daily for a super soft nourished & hydrated result.

Berry Be Beauty are doing a trial pack for €15.00 which includes the Body Polish & Butter or if you prefer the full size ones you can purchase them by clicking below.

 Berry Be Beauty


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