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Hello, my name is Luuluu and I am an internationally published fashion model from Norwich.

I have been modelling for over ten years now which has included shoots of all different types of styles including; portrait, fashion, high fashion, beauty, commercial, creative, body painting and dance and I still enjoy every minute of it.

I have achieved so much in this time. Here are a few things that I am very proud of achieving all for believing in myself- I have been published numerous times, feature model for “Ella dream hair extensions”, website feature model for “mirror image furniture company, also printed o. Their delivery vans and I have two IMBD’s for acting.

If you want to be a model, follow your dreams and never give up.

Here I would like to you show some images from one of my latest shoots, it’s an urban fashion theme.

I was asked to model for a clothing company called RIFE clothing. The white jumper and the grey beanie hat was provided by them.

They were very happy with the edits.

Photographer- Mark Spencer, Mua- Luuluu, Hair- Angela Barnes, Clothes designer- (hat & white top) R.I.F.E clothing

This was a very fun shoot. It didn’t take long to capture some great images. Mark Spencer the photographer was very professional and very easy to work with.

We chose the graffiti back drop as we thought it would fit in well with the urban effect.

We used a BMX bike in some shots as well as a top.

Also helping out as our assistant was Angela Barnes, she is a hair stylist and a creative head piece designer.  She was very helpful, often holding the reflector and inputting with ideas.

The beanie hat

It was a great day for a great shoot and we surely did create great results.

Thank you



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