Look Like a Celebrity in Everyday Life

There is a lot of pressure on each and every one of us to look good in a world that places a lot of value on looks. We look at celebrities in the news, online and in magazines, and simply want to look like them, because it often seems like they are absolutely flawless. And while we’re all individual human beings who look different, there are some tips and tricks we can pick up to achieve that level of glamour. Don’t be fooled, for many celebrities looking good is their main job, and it’s not always an easy one, so take what you feel you can implement into your routine and make it work for you.



If we look at someone who is put together from head to toe perfectly, but their hair is dirty, greasy, or a tangled mess, it ruins the whole impression. So, the first step is to make sure your hair is always clean and combed into a hairstyle that works for you, whether that means loose and natural, or in a high ponytail. But that only gets you to a neutral state. If you want your hair to really have the volume and look of the red-carpet regulars, you will need some help from the professionals. You want a cut that is interesting, but easy to maintain, because you probably don’t have your stylist with you every morning to do your hair. Every time you visit your hairdresser, make sure they do some sort of regeneration treatment, because the coloring, straightening and curling is causing damage to your hair, especially if you are doing it often. Ask them how exactly you should style your hair in the morning: what techniques and products do they recommend? Also ask about variations you can do on your style to make it interesting for an event.



You can read all over the magazines about the different skincare routines that celebrities use to keep their skin smooth, perfect and young. And while it’s important to understand that a big part of that is photoshop, there are still things that you can do to greatly improve the quality of your skin. If you want it to always look smooth and fresh, your first step should be laser hair removal, because it will make your makeup look a lot smoother, and also prepare your skin for the upcoming spring season. Many people look towards Asian celebrities like the boys from K-Pop band BTS and various actors who have perfectly smooth, pristine skin, and don’t seem to age at all. But it’s more than just genetics: they use natural products that cleanse and rejuvenate their skin, but diets also play a big role. Try to cleanse and gently exfoliate your face every week, and apply a moisturizer that suits your skin every day. Be careful with the makeup you use, and always take it off when you get home. Most importantly: stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water and antioxidant-rich green tea to make sure your skin is hydrated and well protected.

While you might not be on a cover of a magazine, everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful in their own skin, and taking good care of our bodies is a great way to boost confidence and have a healthier daily routine. So, no matter which walk of life you come from, now you can look and feel like a celebrity, and who knows – one day you might be!



There is no celebrity in the world that doesn’t have a picture-perfect smile. But you can probably guess that their smiles don’t come from their good brushing habits, because no matter how often you brush, teeth just don’t get that shiny from toothpaste. However, that is a key building block: healthy teeth and pretty teeth and brushing regularly is your first line of defense against cavities that will ruin your teeth. Your second step is regularly visiting your dentist. And while enhancing the brightness of your smile can get you to a pretty good spot, the best way to get perfect teeth that a lot of celebrities turn to are porcelain veneers.


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