brain injury

Living with brain injury

Something very personal about how A Nu U came to be.

This is my husband, John on life support. He was fighting to live having fractured his neck and sustaining a serious brain injury (acquired brain injury (a.b.i) within days of his road traffic accident in May 2001.

brain injury

The van was the weapon of destruction. John, a cyclist, the unintentional misfortune target.

This was taken 15 years ago. We spent our 3rd wedding anniversary in Intensive care, Beaumont and that was just the beginning.

He spent two years in and out of hospital, he hasn’t been able to work since.

The devastation and impact is both invisible (to the untrained eye) and irreversible.

We were told he may not live, I was told on my very first group meeting with the carers of a.b.i sufferers that 85% of brain injury marriages do not last. You won’t be surprised to hear my reply was “well, that’s me boxed off in the 15% bracket so”. I never went back to that group (you probably aren’t surprised by that either 😊).

That is, until recently.

A brain injury (& the many disabilities it brings with it) really is FOR LIFE.

A Nu U, was born (2005) out of necessity three years post Johns accident. It’s name inspired by the new person (A new me) I had to become to equip myself to deal with the new (version of) John I had to get acquainted with.

Is it easy? ……NO! Do we want sympathy? ……..NO!

We would however like your HELP.

I do hope the post doesn’t offend in any way as I approached it is an advertisement for Headway. Therefore, I wanted it to be impactful and thought provoking because it is the first time I have done anything in favor of this charity, despite sponsoring many (unrelated charities, schools, clubs etc) over the years I have been in business.

Can you support the organisation who support thousands of families post an acquired brain injury?

Headway Ireland are a non profit organisation that relies heavily on donations from the likes of you and I.

They have helped thousands (& continue to provide support to me some 15 years post Johns accident) on their individual challenging and ever changing journey, sometimes with no known destination in sight.

If you don’t make it to the salon, perhaps you could visit their website or Facebook page and donate online?

brain injury

I know Headway, me and ultimately you, will feel good for doing so.

We hope that you will take the time to have a bit of fun and pull a cracker for €3 (there are travel/mini sized Dermalogica products in each one along with the usual fun items) in the salon. We are running this until the end of December but please feel free to donate as much or little as your pocket allows.

Thank you so much for reading the story behind A Nu U’s inception.

I would greatly appreciate if it was business as normal after you read this and if you can understand that it is 15 years ago for me and I don’t relish the idea of revisiting this again.😢

My sincere and sole motivation in putting my story out there is to help others, i.e. Headway – the brain injury association

Thanks so much everyone.

A Nu U (A New You……ahhhhh! now you get it 😘)

Always striving to give you more.

brain injury

Edel Cunningham Giblin


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