So spring is here and along with that comes brighter days and pretty colors for us women to wear…. Spring always brings out the girlie girl in me – all things flowery,  pretty pastel colored clothes, tops, jeans, dresses and skirts and little ballet bumps. Clothes that flow and catch the wind. Bohemian love!!

I love Spring so much, not just because of the new season clothes in all the stores, but because Spring is new beginnings…fresh starts… and for me it brings out the romantic in me (Yes, it’s true. I’m a hopeless romantic and proud of it.)


I’m a ‘tell me and show me everyday’ girl. How much you love me? –  I’m not the “one- day-of-the-year” Hallmark “told-you-so” kind of girl. For me it’s not about the big gestures (though OK. Yes. We all love surprises.) but more often than not it’s the small things: holding your hand while you watch a movie; having your favorite bar of chocolate in the fridge for you; putting up with you when you’ve been a total pain but smiling and loving you anyway.

Everywhere we go changes seasonally- our hair; our skin – even in the restaurants we eat in go for a slight décor changes once Spring kicks in. Something as simple as the table setting for with Spring comes beautiful flowers, so open your eyes to the beauty of the pastel colors and flowers and fall in love with life.  It’s all about creating the Fashion of Life.


The Fashion of Life – what you wear – it’s a statement. A statement of who you are. Where you are at.

For some however that statement may come through their hobbies. For me, I love to paint. Perhaps the man or women in your life lives and breathes sport – that is their statement.

This statement can come through in the car you drive. The house you live in and – it’s also the man/women you love.

All in all it all boils down to passion, therefore creating fashion.

Do we women want to be pursued, adored, loved and be the only one? Do we want to be whisked away to exotic destinations, given a credit card to shop without limits?. Or are we the fashionable independent types, who own their own castle, have our own money and take care of ourselves?

Me? I want it all. –BUT I want to do it by myself. I want to stand on my own two feet. Run my own life. Make my own decisions – be they right or wrong – and still be adored by one I love. Of course every now and again I think its OK to let them be the Mr Grey in our lives. (Ahem) but it better be the right time and mood.

Simply be equal on all levels.

I’ll leave you with something my mom always said to my me and my siblings ”Be strong. Be passion. Be love. Be life. Be art. Be beautiful”

This Spring I’m going to be all with pastel color clothing.

For more of me check out Head Over Killer Heels.

Pictures attached of all my favourite pastel colours and clothes along with some flowers to brighten your spring day.


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