lesara ondine

lesara ondine

The online fashion and lifestyle store based in Berlin Germany is expanding to Europe. United Kingdom, Slovakia, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria,  Ireland, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia,  Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are the latest countries which will be able to purchase from www.Lesara.com

Roman Kirsch , the CEO and founder of Lesara  in a press release (PDF) “We have received lot of initial demand and positive feedback, in particular from the Scandinavian markets and the United Kingdom and we hope to grow significantly there. More specifically, the United Kingdom is not only the largest ecommerce market in Europe, but is also one open to companies that offer inexpensive fashion.” “It was our goal from the very beginning to become a global brand for sought after fashion and lifestyle products at reasonable prices”

Lesara was founded in 2013 with offices in Berlin and Guangzhou, China. From here the goods are shipped all over Europe



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