Les 100 Ciels Fall Winter ’17

Les 100 Ciels Fall Winter 2017

fall winter 2017

Les 100 Ciels Fall Winter collection is inspired by the Japanese way of life, In particular the art of Wabi Sabi. Through embracing a simple, uncluttered aesthetic, the luxury women’s wear label has concentrated on paring back inessentials and finding beauty in imperfections. They are abandoning the perfect and celebrating authentic craftsmanship whilst appreciating the natural objects.


fall winter 2017

The collection celebrates the weathering of objects, Raku ceramics to be exact. The interaction between nature’s original form and a craftsman’s eye result in balance of the old and new, with a palette of rich tones of forest green and deep charcoal intarsia prints in scattered designs which give the collection character.


fall winter 2017

Les 100 Ciels luxurious cashmere features at the heart of every collection and this season this beautiful yarn is celebrating in contrast rub panels, step hems and organic shapes. Knitwear is subtly embroidered with artisan touches in classic blocks with a twist. Les 100 Ciels maintains it’s aesthetic of inventive, wearable and versatile pieces, which allow one’s personality and style to be expressed through clothing.


fall winter 2017


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