hugo boss digital


HUGO BOSS launched a digital showroom in Berlin for its HUGO brand on October 27, 2017. The HUGO Pre-Fall Collection for 2018 will be presented to trade partners and press representatives in a pop-up space.


hugo boss digital

With its 65-inch touchscreen, at first glance the digital showroom resembles a table. But it houses an agile, innovative software package that can vividly showcase a complete collection, display the various color and combination options, and even allow orders for collection pieces to be placed directly.

Specially developed for HUGO BOSS, the dedicated application was created within a very short time using the so-called “scrum method.” This technique taps a form of agile project management that enables the rapid visualization of solutions to complex problems within a flexible framework.

Following the introduction of this digital showroom, HUGO will no longer be preparing complete collections of physical samples for its order phase. The collection, including the entire range of available colors and combination options, will be offered to customers exclusively in digital form, thereby reducing complexity and ensuring maximum flexibility.

The digital showroom will be making its debut in Germany before being rolled out globally in 2018.


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