I wanted to do an epilepsy awareness shoot as as I felt it was a condition people didn’t really know much about. I haven’t really been public about having epilepsy but I decided to put it out there in an attempt to raise awareness. I have epilepsy and I’m not afraid to admit it. I got diagnosed with epilepsy a few months after my mummy died in 2010. After tests upon tests, my neurologist said it must have been caused by the stress and anxiety of losing my mummy. The first few months after diagnosis were very difficult as I had to take so much medication to stabilize it and it made me very tired. I could have slept around the clock . I even had my driving license taken away from me for over a year which was a very difficult thing for me as I am a very independent person. I felt like my autonomy had been taken away. I felt like a helpless child, I couldn’t bathe or shower without supervision or leaving the door open. I grew to recognize my triggers which were stress and sleep. Everyone is different and has their own triggers So as I was getting my epilepsy under control I got my license back and my medication gradually decreased. I haven’t had an epileptic episode for over four years now and I am very grateful for that as other people are not so lucky. I will be on medication for the rest of my life but it’s not as much as it was. I still have my odd days where I feel ‘weird’ due to stress or didn’t lack of sleep.  KYLIE



I wanted to do the awareness posters with information on them because many people don’t know what to do if someone with epilepsy has an attack in front of them. I’m hoping to educate and inform people and help them become more able to know what steps to take if someone does have a fit. DEBBIE DEBOO – Photographer








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