Having a variety to choose from is something we long for and what’s super exciting is we now have an Irish Store delivering us the most sought out Korean skincare brands we once had hassle getting through customs. The Korean’s have always been ahead of us in the Beauty Industry and found IGLAM awhile ago an Irish store that gives you all the information you need with fantastic customer service for those stuck on what products to use for their beauty regime. I tried out three products from a mixture of Korean Brands and the results were outstanding giving me a new lease of life and feeling comfortable to go bare faced.

My favourite cleanser this season is Missha super aqua cleansing oil.

This is an amazing cleanser which acts quick to remove makeup with concentrated moisturizing ingredients. A little goes a long way and when applying the clear oil turns into a creamy colour when the water hits it.

It gives the double cleansing experience without the need of a second cleanse and gives a refreshing finish.

It is recommended for people who are rich in oil and normal skin types. Remember oil absorbs oil so don’t be scared to try it!

Ondine’s Beauty Rating 10/10. Price: €14.00

Neogen Agecure extra firming face serum

This amazing formula Penetrates the Skin to Deliver Effective Age-Reversing Skin Benefits! A total care, skin brightening and anti-wrinkle face serum formulated to instantly firm dull sagging skin and to boost skin moisture, radiance and glow.

Ondine’s Beauty Rating: 8/10 Price: €28.00

Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Eye Cream

This Prestige anti-aging eye treatment helps intensively care for skin problems around eyes such as dark shadows, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity by providing nutrients and moisture from the Micron Reboot Ball. Clinically tested for improving fine wrinkles & elasticity.

The mild formula is free of Paraben, Dyes, Mineral Oil, and Triclosan.

Ondine’s Beauty Rating: 10/10. Price  €30.00

All products listed above are available in our favourite store IGLAM


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