katherine wallace
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Katherine Wallace

the actress work in human rights and social justice issues

Katherine Wallace is a one-of-a-kind actress, with a lineage of Irish heritage and an upbringing in Australia, whose extraordinary career has focused on human rights and social justice. Her prodigious accomplishments on screen and stage have, in particular, contributed an unparalleled voice for women’s rights and global feminism. In 2016, she is appearing in a groundbreaking new project “One In A Million”, a music video and PSA for the brand new song co-written by Grammy Award winner Danny Weinkauf and Emmy Award winner Suzanne Luna. The music video is also produced by Emmy Award nominee Johanna Stein, and was directed by Suzanne Luna. It will serve to raise
awareness about domestic violence, encouraging and inspiring women who are currently victims to know that it is possible to survive, heal and create a new life. “One In A Million” is a positive and upbeat song, an aspect Katherine Wallace acknowledges is hugely impact when confronting difficult issues such as domestic violence and abuse.

katherine wallace
Photo by Sally Flegg

Katherine’s most recent performance in Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising with the company Levitere was alongside and directed by award winning actress and director Mercy Malick, also of Irish descent. One Billion Rising is recognized as the largest mass action in history to combat violence against women and reaches an international audience of millions in over 200 countries, including Ireland. She performed alongside celebrity speakers Frances Fisher, Sufe Bradshaw, Gethin Anthony, Don Most, G. Hannelius, and Akil I LuQman, and the international flash mob dance choreographed by Debbie Allen. The company Levitere was hand-picked to perform and with the sensational calibre of Katherine’s previous works and her stunningly captivating presence while on stage and screen, it’s easy to see why.

In 2014, Katherine Wallace performed alongside self-proclaimed feminist and internationally acclaimed singer and philanthropist, Demi Lovato, and The X Factor UK’s Cher Lloyd in the anti bullying performance of “Really Don’t Care” to over 2.5 million people at the Teen Choice Awards, inspiring countless young girls and boys. She has also not shied away from the darker roles exploring the urgent need for a revolution of women’s rights, and repeatedly demonstrated her singular ability to transform into an enormous range of characters. In a New York City run of Caryl Churchill’s “Vinegar Tom”, she played the terrifying role of sadistic witch hunter Goody, directed by award winning director Kathy Gail MacGowan.

Additionally, her first notable film role addressing women’s rights was the leading and critical role of a young woman named Celine, in the Arkitype Presents film “Late Tuesday”. A cinematically beautiful and disturbing film, “Late Tuesday” sought to expose the shocking prevalence of rape and violence against young women.

She can also be seen in upcoming feature films “Gehenna” and “False Memory Syndrome”. Since graduating from the 3 year conservatory at the internationally renowned Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York, this young actress has proven her immeasurable capacity for delivering stunning performances requiring a paradoxical sensitivity and toughness on both national and international platforms. Keep an eye on Katherine, as she will certainly continue to grace the screen in vitally important projects which are set to deliver an unprecedented impact on global audiences.

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by Mairead Doyle


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