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A story of obsession: obsession with the past and the volatile passion of love and art


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Joyce Garvey’s  “The girl with the monkey on her shoulder” book launch was held today at  the Gresham Hotel in joyce garveyDublin attended by the Cultural Attache of the Mexican Embassy – Laura Mora who also gave a speech of appreciation of Joyce Garvey’s imagery in writing “She doesn’t describe, she frames. She focuses. She uses words as paint brushes. Ultimately, she’s an artist”, she said.

Joyce Garvey unfolds a piece from her novel which is set in Dublin in the 1980s, in which her heroin, Lena, is pregnant and lonely.

“In the world outside it was Sunday, I seemed to walk unnoticed, like some  dead soul among the living ” ..”Everything was loose and scattered, and a terrible sad loneliness overwhelmed me, as I turned  the corner to my apartment, the stage crumbled and fell apart in my hands, my every thought was watching itself”  (Joyce Garvey)


Joyce’s book is full of  descriptive imagery and her catchy speech ending will leave you wanting to read the book “Freedom,  never wish for anything, it just might come true.” The book is a  must read.

You can find her novel in all the major book shops.

See the photos from the event HERE .

by Jenifer Williams


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