Check out Joshua “JT” Thomason from Portsmouth, Virginia. Over the past ten years, he has acquired many tattoos on various parts of his body which range from his neck to his foot. His tattoos help him stand out in his acting and modeling career. Being a tattooed model/actor has allowed him to land many roles in the past year on television shows, such as Ice Cold Killers, Monsters and Mysteries in America, Happily Never After, and FBI Takedown. You can also find him on the Netflix show House of Cards (3rd season, episodes 12 & 13 ). In addition, he is no stranger to the fashion runway. You may have seen him in a bridal or fashion show. Also, you can catch him on the cover of the Beauty and Strength Calendar for Breast Cancer Awareness. Finally, if you still can’t get enough, check him out on facebook at or instagram @thomasonjoshua.


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