Atlas Foundation Ireland

Jason Leonard Rugby Charity helping Children out of Poverty

Atlas Foundation Ireland

Today, I tell you the story of a charity, a rare charity that will captivate each and everyone of your hearts through its uniqueness and the joy it brings.

From Harry Byrne’s Pub in Clontarf, Dublin, a magnificent rugby pub, we launch The Atlas Foundation Rugby Charity in Ireland.

Atlas Foundation Ireland

The Atlas Foundation was founded by World Cup winner and current RFU President Jason Leonard. Jason’s vision is to help children out of poverty through the game of rugby.

I am Sabena Moylan, founder committee member of the Atlas Foundation Ireland and referee at Munster Rugby. I was first introduced to the Foundation by meeting Alex Murphy and Sally Pettipher, CEO of The Atlas Foundation, in London while they discussed plans for the future of the Foundation.

I have seen first hand extreme poverty in the developing world and the system that denies these children the right to play sport. In the modern era, this is something we need to eradicate and, thr

ough the Atlas Foundation, children are given hope and a future.

Let’s help the foundation in teaching these children rugby skills and offer them an education. Let’s give them something to dream of so that they too could lift themselves out of poverty and play in a Rugby World Cup.

Atlas Foundation Ireland

With the skills that the Foundation can teach them they have hope and a start for a better life. The Atlas Foundation is very lucky to be blessed with such great rugby leaders with the likes of Bernard Jackman, David Sole (OBE) and Philippe Sella, to name a few, who all have the same vision to help the Foundation in its mission to succeed and help these children.

The Atlas Foundation is in its infancy, but with this launch in Ireland and it’s establishment in the UK everyone behind the Foundation is determined to make this a success. I myself have donated my time to the Foundation in putting their positive message across.

Rugby has brought us all happiness to our lives. It has formed careers for some and has helped people through some different stages in life. Let’s pay it back. We are all part of this great wonderful family, the rugby family. We all have the power to help one another so let’s help

Atlas Foundation Ireland

these children get the start they deserve in life and do our part in trying to stamp out poverty in the developing world. I ask you all to help us in our quest to give these children joy in their lives.

That same joy we all get when we attend a rugby game or out on the field. Our mission is to succeed in getting a main sponsor on our team to hold fundraisers and any kind donations from the public. No donation is too small and is greatly appreciated. Be part of our unique team get on board and help us help children out of Poverty through the beautiful game that is rugby. Written by Sabena Moylan Rugby Writer and Rugby Referee at Munster Rugby

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Photos by Paul Dillon
Styling by L'avenue Academy Ashbourne 
Dress by The Ivory Closet Limerick 
Location Harry Byrnes Clontarf


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