Fragrance expert Mark Earnshaw from Fab Creations answered a few questions on one of the hottest scents this year and it’s none other than a foodie scent Rhubarb.


How is Rhubarb transformed into a fragrance note?

Rhubarb note is an accord made of different ingredients. It varies from perfumers to perfumers. For example in the case of the brand new L.K.Bennett fragrance, signature, the nose used a combination of raw materials to focus on the fruity and juicy character of Rhubarb.


How would you describe the note-is it fresh, sweet, musky?

The rhubarb note is a fresh with a fruity facet.


Has it been used in fragrances previously?

Rhubarb has been very trendy in fine fragrances in the last couple of years, this year we will see it used by a wider array of brands.


Is it used as a top, middle or base note? And why?

It can be used as a top or middle note depending on the perfumer interpretation, in our case it is used as a top note as the perfumer wanted to focus on the fruity aspect with a grapefruit facet. It could be used in the middle note if the creator wants a more heavy note.

We picked out our two favorite scents with Rhubarb below:

The L.K.Bennett, Signature Power. Retails at £36.00 and is available in L.K.Bennett.

Babe Power By Missguided, Retails at £28.00 but is currently reduced to £26.00 on The Fragrance Shop and you can purchase here.


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