Couples who are planning their big day for 2019 have a lot to be happy about! The New Year brings new interesting wedding trends that will create many magical nuptials and wow all the guests. Let’s see what you can expect.

Natural bridal look

2019 will be all about classics! Brides will embrace a natural look that will subtly accentuate their best features. Think wine-colored lips with full lashes or a bit bolder metallic eye shadow combined with soft pink lips. False lashes are still a must, since they enhance the eyes without adding any makeup to the skin. When it comes to the hairdo, a half-up-sweep that softly gathers in the back but has a few loose locks to frame the face will be the 2019 go-to look! This look fits everyone and is a subtle way to enhance every woman’s beauty.

Minimalist elegance

The “naked dress” is another trend you can expect to see next year. Inspired by Duchess Meghan’s wedding look, many brides are choosing to replace glitz with elegant simplicity. These wedding dresses put all the focus on the glowing bride instead of the intricate lacework. Simple and effortless is the new sophisticated!

Airy wedding venues

Say goodbye to a traditional, closed venue and say hello to airy, light and open wedding locations. Many soon-to-be-weds are choosing outdoor weddings, especially in hot places like Australia, which allow the couple to show off their personality with the assembly of their dreams. Those who are not fans of summer weddings can still create that ‘outdoorsy’ feeling by booking a waterfront restaurant in Sydney that offers a great view of the ocean, both from the interior area and the terrace. Your guests will love the freedom and atmosphere such a venue offers!

Purple instead of pink

Blush colors were the main element in weddings worldwide for several years now, but now they are being replaced by bolder shades of purple. If you use them correctly, purple shades can be very versatile. You can use them to create a very light and airy feel or use them for a strong dramatic effect!

Plenty of greenery

Sure, greenery was always present at weddings, but usually in garlands and archways. However, in 2019, they will break their way into bridal bouquets as well! Modern and eco-conscious brides are more interested in quality than in quantity, so they choose only a few amazing flowers to walk with them down the altar. Only a few breathtaking blooms (big roses, peonies, mums or anemones) accompanied with plenty of lush greenery will be the way to go in 2019.

Local flavors

Edible party favors are nothing new, but for 2019, you can expect them to become more meaningful to the happy couple. More and more couples are choosing favors that are connected to their current location, hometowns or favorite vacation destination. So, you can expect to receive Belgian chocolate, Chicago deep-dish pizza cookbook or a mix of spices for an authentic Sydney BBQ!

Interactive drink bar

Food trucks, fun menus and interactive food stations have been present at the wedding scene for a few years now and guests seem to love them! But, interactive bars are the latest trend at weddings that will simply blow up in 2019. Couples want to offer their guests a fun experience that will additionally entertain them. So, you can consider introducing specialty bars like tequila, wine or whiskey tasting activities. You can also hire an experienced mixologist to assist your guests and guide them through different drinking experiences!

With all of these amazing new trends, all you need to do is be happy and relaxed during your big day and all will be simply perfect! You’ll create memories that will never fade! 


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