Do you ever stop to think about what you’re actually putting on your skin?! In recent years, there’s been much talk about skincare and its ingredients. It’s undeniable that shoppers are becoming much more savvy about what they put on their faces, but what about the rest of our bodies? Shouldn’t we pay the same level of attention to what we apply from our neck down?

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Cue Insanity Tan! Since its inception, the break-through premium tanning brand has been preaching the importance of only using ingredients that are not only kind to our skin, but cares for it too.

So as you would expect, Insanity Tan’s premium collection of organic tans are only packed full of skin-loving ingredients. The hypoallergenic products are made using natural and organic ingredients. Plus, they’re free-from any harmful or toxic additives, commonly used by many other tanning brands.

As well as offering a head-to-toe gorgeous golden glow, each time you apply your Insanity Tan, you’ll be treating your skin to tons of goodness. In particular, the inclusion of white tea extract and aloe vera are key players, thanks to their antioxidant and anti-ageing properties, as well as promoting healing and keeping the skin moisturised.

Furthermore, you won’t find any perfumes here. Known as one of the biggest irritants in tanning products, they are generally used to mask that dreaded biscuit smell when tans are developing. But this only happens when low quality ingredients are used. Thankfully, Insanity Tan uses only the finest quality ingredients and therefore doesn’t need to add any nasty, irritating fragrances.

Insanity Tan is suitable for all skin types, but it has been designed with a lower pH balance than other brands, which is particularly good news to sufferers of sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema as the lower pH balance can have a calming and soothing effect on the skin.

And while all this amazing skin-loving magic is happening, a fabulous golden glow is developing. Insanity Tan uses a unique blend of DHA and Erythrulose – the most expensive tanning ingredient on the market – to create a beautiful, longer lasting tan, with an even wear-off and flawless fade.

So with all this in mind, it isn’t surprising that Insanity Tan has a loyal celebrity following, including Celebrity Secrets’ favourite, Danielle Lloyd. Danielle regularly takes to Instagram to sing the tan’s praises, favouring the Rapid Tan Bronzing Mousse. In fact, Danielle loves Insanity Tan’s colour and trusts their clean formulas, listing it as her tan of choice during pregnancy.

Insanity Tan has got you covered

Other fans of the tan include Miss Bikini Ireland winner Judy Fitzgerald, and Hollyoaks actor and MMA star Alex Reid, who joined the Insanity Tan team for an event in Dublin recently.

So why not try Insanity Tan for yourself and discover what it is that makes it so special. We have negotiated a special discount for our readers – saving you a massive 20% off all Insanity Tan retail when you order online!


Photo credit: KO media/ Jerry Mc Carthy photography.




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