fashionable birthday party

Your birthday is a day you should celebrate and make special each year. It is not corny to throw a birthday party at any age. Actually, the older the better, because you can be creative and plan an amazing party in your honor. If you are looking for ideas for a fashionable birthday party, we are here to give you some. 

Have a theme in mind

Having a theme for your birthday party doesn’t need to end up looking like a child’s birthday. The good thing about having a theme is making it easier for you to plan everything because you won’t get carried away. Your theme should reflect your interests, hobbies or anything you love and know your friends will enjoy as well. A 90’s disco theme with disco balls and crazy fluorescent clothes or an aristocrat setting with tea and rum (with a bit more rum) are just some of the ideas. Another fun idea is to have an Arabic night with argileh delivery and surprise your guests with different flavors they can try. Floor cushions and curtains can be your decoration if you choose this theme. Having a theme will create a fun atmosphere, and your friends will be even more excited to attend the party. Besides, you will have something memorable to retell for years after. 

Drink choice and list

Unless you plan on having your party at an open bar in a restaurant or a club, you will probably have a limited choice of drinks, which is why you should make a list in time. An obvious choice is beer and sodas, which you know everybody will like. However, a fashionable birthday party requires a bit more. A cocktail night in your house is a perfect idea. You can google a few cocktail recipes that are easy to make and treat your guests with some delicious drinks. To make it even more interesting, get the right decoration for the glasses, which will also look great in photos. Some of the cocktails you can try are a classic martini, Long Island Iced Tea, Negroni, White Russian and Aperol Spritz.

Food menu 

An even harder task is creating a food menu because you have to make sure you opt for something that everyone, and also make sure you know how to make it if you are not ordering food. While your guests are arriving, there is nothing tastier and more elegant than homemade bruschetta which is easy to make and you can experiment with the spices. For the main course, a safe choice is chicken with a mushroom sauce, for example. Your birthday cake should, again, represent you in a way. If you have a sweet tooth, a chocolate cake, luxuriously decorated with roses and pearls is a great option. On the other hand, if you like something more mellow, a soft, fruit cake would be a good choice. 

Plan additional activities

Planning games and activities sounds dull and child-like. However, there are so many fun and creative options which guarantee a good time. Some of the options can be foosball, pool, or any of the many card or group games which require thinking or teamwork so that everyone is involved. Beer pong is also a fun activity everyone will enjoy. If you don’t want to try so hard and you want to spend some time with your friends in a different way, just make a playlist and leave enough space for dancing, and your birthday will go great. Keep in mind who is invited and plan activities and music accordingly because you don’t want people to be bored. 

Even if it is just for a few friends and family members, you should always have a celebration for your birthday. If you are tired of all the classic birthdays you have celebrated throughout the years, these tips can give you an idea for your party and help you plan an amazing, fashionable birthday party.


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