There’s no better way to embrace summer and warm weather than with maxi dresses and skirts. However, pulling off this style is not always easy, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with long garments. So, here’s a little guide that will help you look amazing in your maxi dress.

Strike a balance

The best way to sport a maxi dress is to create a well-balanced outfit. Since you’ll be covering your legs, make sure to show off your shoulders, arms and a bit of chest. However, pay attention to how much flesh you’re exposing and keep it tasteful. You can even wear a crop top and show that you have your summer body ready!

Pick the right size

One thing all fashion experts agree on is that you shouldn’t wear maxi dresses or skirts that cling to your body. Even if you are super fit and toned, you’ll look better in a size that floats around your body instead of clinging to it. The free movement will make you look amazing strolling on the beach with the wind making your dress look alive! In case you can’t find a maxi dress that fits you right, don’t hesitate to get a tailored piece that will look the way you want it to.

Pick the right shoes

Even though heels will make you look taller, try to avoid wearing them with your maxi dress or skirt. Sandals are always a much better choice than sky-high heels. They will make your look more appropriate and flattering and increase comfort. After all, maxi dresses are usually associated with the beach and casual afternoon strolls, and who wears heels to the beach anyways? However, if you just need those inches, opt for casual platform heels, raised sandals or wedges that will lift you up a bit.


Opt for quality materials

Don’t hesitate to splurge on a good maxi dress made of quality materials. A good fabric will always look more flattering! It will fall well, look luxurious and be much easier to match with accessories. On the other hand, cheap materials will always look cheap, no matter what you do. So, find a good manufacturer of designer maxi dresses and you’re all set! You’ll look great and feel much more comfortable, especially during the extremely hot days.

Pair it with the right accessories

If you want to add some trendiness to your look, finish off your styling with a cute fedora! You can also elevate your look with a bold clutch purse in neon or animal pattern. Accessories with studs or bold patterns can instantly kick your look up a notch and turn it into a fierce styling! Also, don’t forget the bling-bling. A touch of sparkle in the shape of a big cocktail ring, statement earrings or glamorous necklaces will help you achieve a breath-taking and head-turning look.

Casual hair is the winner

A loose hairstyle paired with your maxi dress will further contribute to the casual vibe and help you achieve that popular effortless, yet stylish look.

Layer it for the colder weather

Of course, in the summer you won’t need to wear anything with your airy dress, but in the spring or early fall, you might get a bit chilly in the evening. Luckily, a chic blazer can help you layer your look and stay cozy. A mainly monochromatic dress with small print will look amazing paired with a white, fitted blazer and some statement jewelry. On the other hand, a denim jacket is a perfect solution for a more casual look. Just throw it on and forget about the cold!

Here are just some of the best tips on strutting your maxi dress and you’ll be completely ready for the beach and casual afternoon drinks with friends!


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