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 Sensitive, dull, and tired skin is something we never want. However, it is common in the fall since our skin gets more sensitive and drier, and needs more protection. Your fall skincare routine should be extra caring and nourishing, which is why these tips will help you keep the bright, soft, radiant skin we all love.  

Don’t dismiss sunscreen just yet

Summer is not the only season when you need to protect your skin from sunburns and the harmful rays. Fall and even winter months can make your skin even more susceptible, so make sure you continue with applying SPF. Apply it before you go out, especially if you are going to the mountains, or if you are going to be out for a long time. Even if your skincare or makeup has SPF, put it on before applying any of these products for extra protection. After all, the long-term use of SPF will make your skin look younger because it won’t be damaged from the sun.

Extra moisture

During fall months our skin tends to get extra dry, irritable, and sensitive. This is why it is important to provide it with enough hydrating products inside and out. On the inside, the most important tip you should follow is to drink lots of water, which will do good for your skin and hair. Richer moisturizers and body lotions are also a must. Apply them on your face and body after showering and before going out, and don’t forget about your hands, cuticles, and lips. Another useful tip is to not use hot water for your showers because it can additionally dry out your skin.

Changing up your skincare routine

Changing your skincare products and adapting them to fall weather can be crucial. Aside from richer moisturizers, which we’ve already mentioned, a good idea is to start using products from natural skincare brands because they will be soft and gentle on your skin, especially in this period, when it can often get sensitive. Natural products are also, in most cases, paraben and alcohol-free, so you can use them safely every day, without any side effects. Adding oils to your skincare routine, even if you have oily skin, is another great tip to make sure you don’t have any dry patches and your skin is not thirsty. 

Exfoliate for brighter skin

Exfoliating is important for any season because it removes dirt, sebum, and leftover makeup from our face. During the fall, we may have some damage from all those days we spent sunbathing. That is why exfoliating at least once a week is needed to bring back the natural glow and softens to our skin. Besides, one of the benefits of exfoliating is that it helps your skin absorb products better. Use gentler scrubs for your face since it is more sensitive, but again, do it on your whole body, and even lips.

Don’t forget your feet

We often concentrate our whole skincare on the face and body and leave out our feet. In colder weather, our feet are closed in shoes almost all the time. If you work in a job where you have to stand, the situation with cracked heels and thickened skin can get even worse, especially if you factor in the cold weather. Using soaks, scrubs, and masks can help you keep your feet nice and soft so that when summer comes again, you will be ready. There are even paraffine wax treatments for your feet that will make them silky soft.

Book a spa treatment

You can follow all the previous steps to create a good skincare routine. You can also book a fall spa treatment with a cosmetologist and have them tell you your skin type and what are some of the ingredients you should be looking for in your skincare products. Fall is the perfect time for starts, so why not treat yourself with a pampering session, which will do you good and prepare your skin for colder weather.

A little change of beauty products and the addition of new, natural ones is more than enough to keep your skin soft, hydrated, and radiant even during gloomy, fall days. Just make sure you don’t forget any part of your body and your skin will thank you.


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