Your choice of jewelry can either ruin your formal look or make it a thousand times better. And, of course, we all want to look our utter best when we are visiting formal events. Once you’ve found your perfect evening gown, it is time to consider what type of event you are visiting. If this is a strictly black tie event, for example, go with simple and elegant jewelry, but if it is something not that ceremonious, you are free to experiment with colors, shapes and sizes.

However, there are so many more tips worth considering. Take notes.

The dress

Your dress plays a major role when it comes to your jewelry choice. Here are the four basic types of formal dresses and some general jewelry tips for them.


If you are going with an LBD, statement jewelry is the way to go. Since LBDs are classic, versatile and timeless, they allow you to go wild with the accessories. That is how, for example, Coco Chanel accessorized her LBD with diamond chandelier earrings and Audrey Hepburn with pearl earrings and a diamond necklace.


Lace is an accessory in itself. So if you don’t want it to look tacky, you have to be really careful with the amount of jewelry you’ll be wearing. Opt for something discreet but effective, such as a shiny tennis bracelet paired with simple drop earrings. That should be more than enough.


A-line dresses look good on everyone. They accentuate the female frame in all the right places. And since these dresses are all about that grace, you should find jewelry that compliments your A-line dress. In other words, your choice should be something bright and eye-catching. Put on a classic, sparkling brooch and stud earrings, and your look is complete. And keep this in mind: A-line dresses and diamonds go together like Paris and Dior!


Anyone who has experience in wearing quality formal wear for women owns at least one elegant satin dress. And satin can be quite tricky for accessorizing because it is already so glamorous all by itself. So with satin keep it simple – it goes best with metals or white precious stones (Swarovski crystals or diamonds).

Type of jewelry

There are two things your jewelry should complement: the shine and the color of your dress. If you are wearing a glitter-free dress, you will use jewelry to sparkle it up, and if you are wearing something sparkly, your jewelry should then follow. A golden dress should be followed with golden jewelry etc. – you get the point. Speaking of gold, you’ve probably noticed how it complements rhinestones and earthy tones, while silver complements pearls and pastels.


The choice of earrings firstly depends on your hairstyle and the details around the neckline of your gown. If there is some kind of heavy embroidery, go with earrings that are delicate and small, while a strapless dress with smooth details requires larger and sparkling earrings that will draw the attention to your face.

On the other hand, have in mind that your earrings shouldn’t compete with your hairstyle!


There are two basic types of necklaces that create evening gown glamour: chokers and maxi collars with glitter and rhinestones. The rule about necklaces is quite simple: balance is everything. If you are in a strapless dress with a straight neckline, accentuate it with a glitzy necklace (if your earrings are discreet). If your dress, on the other hand, has a deeper neckline, follow it up with a longer necklace in order to enhance your gown’s natural lining. Dresses with straight or high necklines are ideal for short-length necklaces.


The key is in finding harmony between elements that are close to each other. If you are wearing a heavy necklace, you should go with a delicate bracelet and vice versa. Furthermore, the choice of bracelets also depends on what kind of sleeves your dress has. Long sleeves are not for wearing bracelets, and the more detailed your dress is, the simpler your bracelet should be.


The rule still remains the same – balance and harmony between details, sizes and colors is the key. Enhance the romantic look with a delicate piece, or spice your simple look with double rings that have jewels and sparkles all over them.

And that would be it. As you can see, it is all about balance and having in mind that less is more. Don’t get carried away with accessorizing – choose one primary piece and pair it with two other smaller pieces that go well with it.


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