Most men simply don’t care about clothes the way women do. Usually, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you happen to appreciate good style and have an impeccable taste yourself, dating one of those completely fashion-indifferent guys can be somewhat frustrating. Although clothing style shouldn’t be the most important thing in the world, chronic lack of style is something you should work on and eventually try to fix. But VERY, VERY gently. Here are a few tips on how to make your man willfully choose a fitted suit instead of walking around in old khakis.

Keep it a secret and be patient

Do not let him find out what are you up to, because he’ll be out the door sooner than you get to say khaki. When it comes to style, men generally don’t like radical changes, criticism nor too constructive approach of their significant others. Keep it a low profile and understand that it will take time, effort and a lot of tactics to get what you want.

Be generous

Every once in a while, surprise him with a gift of something that you would like to see him wear. Nothing fancy or too expensive, just little tokens of your love, which are, in fact, a little fashion trojan horses. At some point, these items will infiltrate in his outfit and consequently, he’ll need more of those to match them properly.

Lure him into shopping

Most men hate shopping. They find it exhausting and confusing. To make him come with you, tell him you need his expert advice on shopping in Victoria Secret. That will put a smile on his face. While still smiling, take him to the store where you will get him to try one or two items, no more. That is how much they can take.

Act like a woman, not a mother

Although you have the urge to force him to try something on, don’t force anything and do not insist. If you do, he may act like a typical teenager telling his mom to give him a break. Instead, try a more positive and seductive approach where you will point at clothes that will make him look even more handsome in it. Previous shopping of your underwear should soften him enough to pull this off.

Introduce him to custom suits

Along with major disinterest in style and fashion, most men have strong prejudices on how expensive it is to be well-dressed. Wearing a suit made by a great designer from some fashion capital may be pricey, but there are plenty of other fabulous tailor brands that create outstanding clothes. For instance, best custom tailor suits Sydney has to offer are as good as in any other fashion capital, like NYC, Paris or Milan.

Get help

Everybody likes compliments, so be generous with those. Make sure to let him know that he looks good every time he wears a particular shirt or jacket. Also, get your friends to compliment his new look. The positive response from different people can work wonders, and it will motivate him to embrace and pursue his new style even more.

Match style with his personality

Bring together your taste in clothing and his character. He is not your doll, nor a crazy social experiment, so don’t try to make a rock star out of an accountant (or vice versa). Make sure that a new style will reflect his personality as well as upgrade his appearance in a subtle way.


Although all of these tips assume some level of manipulation, know that it is for the higher good. Whether it is that men don’t care about how they look, or it is just that they are too lazy, the truth is that in the end, women are responsible for their men’s outfits. Be patient and persistent, and in a few months, you will have a sharp-dressed man next to you.


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