With the increase of remote jobs, especially during the pandemics of Covid19, people have started to organize their space differently and move their offices to their homes. Some people have reluctantly done that since working from home hasn´t been an ideal option for everyone. The lack of eye to eye contact with your colleagues can make you feel isolated and alone. Those who live with their families can sometimes have a hard time separating the personal and the professional. Other than a good internet connection, several items could enhance your positive remote job experience. Here are some tips on which articles you should have to make your office equipped and comfortable while you work from home. 

Whether you have a separate room for your office or just one small corner in your living room or your bedroom, you should have a good quality chair. This is especially important for people that like to be sitting while working on a computer. If you work on a desktop and can’t move around, then you will be tied to one corner of the house. A good chair should be ergonomic and high enough so that your back doesn’t suffer from straining or bad posture. It would be ideal if your desk matched well with the chair, especially in height. Most office chairs are adjustable anyway, so just make sure it’s all set for your maximum comfort. The ergonomic footrest can help you a lot too. 

Good lightning 

Watching your monitor the whole day can be exhausting for your eyes. Having bad lighting can even deteriorate your eyesight. Natural light is known to be the best on the eye. Your office should be painted in light colors as well, like white, beige, green, blue or pastels. At some point, artificial light will be necessary. Choose adequate color and intensity of the bulbs. Avoid too much lighting, gooseneck lamps are recommendable since you can position them away from the computer screen. 

A lazy bag

Let’s admit it, those of us who work from home eventually get used to all the advantages that that brings. Since your boss can’t see you, nothing is preventing you from lying on a comfortable and soft bed or a piece of furniture the Boss Bean Bag can provide you. If you prefer chairs though that’s fine. But a laptop and a comfortable lazy bag can give you more mobility and in the end, your back and legs won’t be in the same position the whole day. 

Sit to stand desk

This is a lifting table and it is adjustable so you can set its height however suits you. It is perfect for those who like to work with their laptop on a couch or bed. You can place it almost anywhere and you can work while sitting, lying, or standing, whatever works best for you. For those who are multitasking and make some lunch or snacks during work, this little table can be ideal for transporting their laptop from the office to the kitchen and vice versa. 

Home workout equipment

If your job allows you to pause to workout, why not take that advantage and later on have more free time for yourself and your loved ones. The yoga mat is an excellent tool to stretch out if you feel strained from sitting or maybe to practice some more advanced yoga exercises. Many companies offer yoga classes as corporate benefits. You can use resistance bands for your thighs white seated or any other item you find easily combinable with your work. There is even one type of chair that is a hybrid between an office chair and a workout chair, which treadmills keep your legs active while you work. 

Whether you were one of those people who unwillingly moved their office to their home or you always wanted a remote job, there is no excuse to not make the best out of working from home. You can be more relaxed, less stressed, more comfortable, and even more energized by including a little workout session from time to time in your work routine. Adjust your workspace to your needs and preferences and enjoy the maximum comfort you didn´t have in a crowded office. 


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