The reason why people want to dress “effortlessly” is not because is easier and quicker or because they’ve seen that it’s a trend, but because displaying the ability to seemingly quickly and with little effort make yourself look chic and put-together means that you are a resourceful person with good knowledge of fashion. And that is exactly why effortless isn’t really effortless, but rather good planning and understanding of fashion and style. And since a lot of effortless fashion relies on layering, it can be hard to pull off during summer. Luckily, there are still ways to look effortlessly chic:

Loose silhouettes

If you have skin-tight clothing on all the time, it’s pretty obvious that you’re trying to impress someone, and that is very much not effortless. The best way to counteract this is to wear clothing with a looser silhouette, like wide-leg pants and maxi dresses. Of course, this doesn’t mean cover yourself completely and never show off your body. In fact, one of the key principles of an effortless look is contrast. So, if you are wearing something loose on the bottom, you can wear a tight top, and if you have a loose shirt, feel free to wear short denim skirts and show off your legs.

Include swimwear

You might think that a swimsuit doesn’t really leave a lot of space for fashion expression, but that just means you’re not looking at swimwear as a complete look. Sure, when you’re in the water you’ll only have your swimsuit on, but on the beach, it’s a whole different story. Look through some great one piece swimwear online and choose one that accentuates your body the best, while staying classy. Then you can find a cover-up that matches your swimsuit. Go for something that presents a contrast to the swimsuit, so if it’s a bright color, go for a neutral, crochet cover up. Remember that jewelry is an important piece of an outfit, so make sure you’re using it well. Don’t overdo it – one piece of statement jewelry, like a necklace or a bracelet, is all you need.

Think about hair and makeup

Your clothing is not all that makes your look, and the way you style your hair and makeup can play a big part in it. Try to avoid any kind of tight hairstyle, whether it’s ironed hair, slick ponytails or buns since it will always look like you’ve put a lot of effort into it. Things like messy buns, beach waves and sloppy ponytails will make you look chic and effortless, and combined with subtle makeup will be just the thing to complete the look. You can combine intense makeup like red lipstick and cat eyeliner, as long as the rest of the look is more casual. Once again, it’s all in the contrasts.

Layer up

Yes, it can be difficult to wear layers without boiling up during summer, but you can still pull it off, and here’s how: Use a lot of sheer materials and light fabrics that won’t overheat you, but will actually keep you cool because you will be protected from the direct sun rays. Open kimonos and light cardigans, silk shawls and similar accessories can be great for layering without drowning you. You can also go for layering accessories like necklaces and anklets. If you will be layering jewelry, keep the outfit quite modest.

Remember that chic is the perfect middle between casual and professional, appropriate for both, so mastering it will put you in the best position. Come sunshine or rain, you will always be able to put together a look that is as trendy as it is comfortable and that will make you look and feel like you’re always best dressed.


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