There’s a point in every person’s life when they want to live like a celebrity. For some people, this entails the fame and fortune, and for others, it is the luxury life that we see all over the media. But for most of us, it’s impossible to have the complete life of a celebrity, and the chances of becoming one are even slimmer. However, there are parts of our lives that we can replicate to improve our quality of life. One of those things are our eating habits. Whether you want to get a similar figure to them or just make sure you are eating well, here are some of the dietary habits we can all adopt from celebs.

Eat fresh

It’s pretty clear that celebrities don’t eat canned food. All the ingredients that their food is prepared with are fresh and very often organic. When the weather is colder, it can become harder and more expensive to get the ingredients fresh. This is why it’s important to always shop seasonally. There is always something that is growing fresh and local at a particular time of year, and all you need to do is find recipes that incorporate that produce. The best alternative to fresh is frozen, since produce that has instantly been frozen after picking will keep almost all of its nutrients, though the texture might be affected.

eat fresh

Meal prep

Most celebrities might seem like they are just enjoying their life all the time, but in reality, they lead very busy lifestyles. This means that they often have to eat their meals on the go. You probably also live a busy life, and preparing food in advance gives you a huge advantage in eating healthy. And while celebrities usually have chefs that prepare the food for them, you can get the same pre-made food at home. The secret is meal prepping, and besides having useful recipes that are easy to prepare, equipment such as a Thor range double oven will help you prepare a week’s worth of food in no time at all. Make sure that when the food is done, you portion it out to stop yourself from overeating and make sure you are getting the right amount of nutrients.

Limit the unhealthy

When you have a professional nutritionist making your meal plan, you know you’re getting the best possible things in the right amounts. This is why you will see the start snacking on almonds and other nuts for protein and good fats, while avoiding things like sugary sweets – or at least limiting them. Plenty of stars have spoken out about how they love earing burgers, pizza, ice cream and everything that all of us love, and as Gal Gadot says, it’s all about portion control. So, while you should never restrict yourself from eating something you want, so you don’t lead to a binge cycle, you shouldn’t overindulge either.

Tailor it to you

Perhaps the biggest difference between us and the stars is that we don’t have a team of people working to make sure we look and feel perfect at every single moment in time. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to make sure you have the perfect diet. There are experts available to everyone that will assess your physical health and give you a proper eating plan. This is crucial if you have any dietary restrictions which might leave you lacking some vital nutrients.

Eating well should be a priority, whether you’re seeking the luxury celeb life or not. Remember that even the best of meals can be prepared for a small price, if you plan ahead and invest time, so make sure you treat eating well as self-care and give it the priority it deserves.



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