Whether it’s a celebrity or an Instagram star, seeing a well-dressed person rocking a good street look always leaves us a bit awed. Putting together formal outfits is a skill most of us have picked up by now, but casual attire can be a little trickier than it sounds. It’s that small difference between effortlessly good and looking like you really didn’t put any effort into your outfit, and mastering this style can make it so much easier to look amazing on a daily basis. So, what’s the secret here? It’s easy – focus-pulling pieces. A good staple that you can use as the foundation, and then classic garments to pair it with. Need help choosing the best kind of items? We’re here for you!

Spectacular outwear

Spectacular outwear


Look, this is the first thing people will notice on you when you arrive. While a classic denim jacket can definitely take you far, just once try to invest in outwear that’s completely spectacular and luxurious. Go for something colourful, something crazy. Go for that one thing you saw at the store that made you go “I love it so much, but it’s so impractical.” With something like a red faux fur coat that’s no way your outfits could ever look boring, and you can easily pair it with very basic pieces and have the outwear do all the work. Pick a sexy Burberry trench and let your bold fashionista side show.

Playful shoes

Imagine a pair of jeans and a plain white tee. Pretty uninspiring on its own, yeah? Well, now add cowboy boots to that. Now you’re going somewhere. Shoes are downright transformative, and if you’re used to wearing classic wardrobe, then styling it up with a fabulous pair of shoes can really make your outfit look amazing. Delicate metallic slippers, feather details, sandals-over-socks – there are plenty of trendy ideas for this year that you can use to your advantage.

Plain white garments and sexy skirts


We love pairing plain tops with focus-pulling bottoms simple because it’s so unexpected. People generally tend to do the opposite, so seeing something like this looks really refreshing on the streets. The top can be anything – a cotton tee, a collared button-down, a tank top, a white silk camisole. You just want it to be simple because the magic comes when you pair it with a skirt. Something like a chic Jacquemus La Jupe Sol Skirt is so insanely trendy and fashion-forward that you’ll feel like a real diva. Just imagine how well this photographs! A cool, attention-grabbing skirt will make any woman feel like she knows what she’s doing with her clothes, and it really requires minimal styling to make it all work.

Graphic tees

This is a low-stress, effortless way to pull of something that’s edgy, casual, and still totally trendy. Graphic tees are really in this year, so why not indulge your geekdom and pick something that’s an homage to your favourite band, TV show, or movie. A fun little Louis Vuitton Stranger Things tee will look great with skinny jeans and a denim jacket. Keep it geeky with a pair of Converse, or make it rocker chic with a leather jacket and a pair of ankle boots.

Sassy kicks


Athleisure is still going strong as far as the trends go, and if you love your sportswear then you really need to invest in a pair of colourful sneakers. Big, chunky “dad sneakers” that have a galaxy print or something similarly eye-catching – this is just the thing to spice up your black leggings and slouchy shirt combo, and if you want to make it really fashionable then match your makeup to the colour of your sneakers. It’s unusual, but totally creative and fun.

You don’t have to coordinate every single thing perfectly to make an outfit work. Rely on one dramatic and impressive garment and you won’t need much work to make the rest of the pieces fall into place.


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