If you’re a true fashionista, it’s likely that you have overspent on clothes and accessories from time-to-time. In the UK, the official recommendation is that individuals spend no more than 5% of their income on clothing, although it has been acknowledged that many people spend much, much more than this.

Many people rightly see fashion as a worthwhile expenditure, as something that can make them feel better, or as an investment for say, an upcoming job interview or important event. However, it is important to live within your means, especially when we are staring down the barrel of a recession. Fortunately, looking good does not have to break the bank. With these money-saving fashion tips, you will be able to cut your spending while still looking absolutely flawless.

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Keep Your Basics Cheap

One cardinal fashion sin that too many people commit is to overspend on clothing basics that people are not even going to see. Do you really need to get your socks, vests, and hairpins from somewhere like Arket, rather than from Primark? The actual price-to-quality ratio when it comes to the basics is very low, and you will not get much benefit from paying €50 for an undershirt when you could have bought one for €10.

Re-Sell Unloved Items

This is a great way to send your unloved pieces to a new home while also freeing up some extra cash for new purchases. As Lottoland explains in their comprehensive saving guide, selling unwanted items can be a great way to save money on clothes and virtually anything else you want to save money on. All of those unused dresses in your wardrobe are just stacks of cash that are sitting there when they should be earning you money. 

Swerve Fast Fashion                                                   

While fast fashion outlets might be appropriate for the basics, relying on them too much for your everyday attire can actually end up costing you more than you save. Fast fashion giants such as Misguided and BooHoo have business models that rely on people regularly buying new outfits for one-time use, before discarding them. Doing this can be tempting, given the low cost of the clothes, but indulging too regularly will quickly cause expenditures to mount. 

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Shop the Men’s Section 

Surprisingly few female shoppers know that menswear is often significantly cheaper than womenswear, even if the product for sale is virtually the exact same item. Virtually all major high street retailers have been found guilty of price-gouging their female customers, often because they know that women are more likely to spend more on clothes. Avoid this piece of marketing trickery by scoping out the men’s’ section for your next outfit.

Swap with Friends                                                     

If your besties are your biggest source of fashion inspiration, then they can also be a source of big savings. Ask your friends if they want to set up a ‘trading day’, where you can all come together and choose from each other’s wardrobes for the season ahead. This way, all of you will have new wardrobes without spending a penny, and you would have done something nice with your friends.

They may say beauty is pain, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Follow these tips to keep your wardrobe looking fresh without breaking the bank.


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