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Although we use our feet constantly, they are often ignored and left out of the beauty routine, leading to the appearance of corns and calluses. To remedy this, SVR has created Xérial Peel, an exfoliating sock mask for a new skin effect in a single application. 

Highly concentrated in keratolytic and emollient active ingredients, it exfoliates and deeply moisturizes your feet. Its unique absorption technique targets only the rough and thickened areas of your feet, protecting the sensitive areas. Rapid and radical action for a new skin effect in less than two weeks!  

Ondine’s Beauty Rating 10/10

Price: probably the best €35 you will spend on your feet ever!

XÉRIAL 50 Extrême Crème Pieds (50% Urea): For hard-skin, corns & callouses. 

Xerial 50 Extrême Crème Pieds is a foot care that overcomes corns and calluses in 7 days and remove the horn like a pumice without evidence of rebound. Reduces normal and stubborn calluses. This Cream has a non-greasy and nonsticky formula that is specifically formulated for the feet. It also works on areas of hands and elbows that have thickened skin. It spreads easily and rapidly, and is fragrance free. Apply the Xerial 50 Extrême Crème Pieds daily to the affected areas 

XÉRIAL 50 Extrême Crème Pieds RRP €13 – Available in pharmacies nationwide

Prescribed by dermatologists in 45 countries SVR, the most concentrated dermatological brand is now available in Ireland.  The brainchild of visionary pharmacists Simone and Robert Veret this brand was formulated in 1962 with one key aim “Beautiful Skin”. Over 55 years later this small French family brand is now a true star in the field of dermo-cosmetics.  Today SVR is recognised as an unrivalled skincare in terms of effectiveness and tolerance and in delivering beauty and health. 

Ondine’s Beauty Rating 8/10


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