Holidays are coming!

When you look outside the window, you can already feel the first sun shines. Orsay knows about this too!

orsay summer 2020

This is why, the new season outfits are inspired entirely by holidays. Hello, you! – with this official motto, Orsay is welcoming you and is inviting you to dive into fashionable summer inspirations.

Anything that reminds us of summertime was reflected in this year’s collection.

The campaign photos were shot in the sunny Greece. Our designers chose to depict summer inspirations on fabrics and cuts.

All the emotions you experience when resting blissfully, like the feeling of easiness, freedom and dynamic, are represented in our new collection.

orsay summer 2020

You can easily notice the romantic relationship of boho elements with countless floral patterns.

In this season, fabrics are marked by a double power of flowers in bloom.

Be sure to find jackets, shirts and capri trousers – elements of the timeless classic elegance which in this season stands out proudly thanks to the well-tailored cuts and wonderful, vivid colours.

orsay summer 2020

We are more than certain that such a fashion combination will make you think of southern countries and it will also refresh your outfit out.

Once again, Orsay has offered a limited wedding collection with not only two wedding dresses, but also special outfits for bridesmaids and guests.

orsay summer 2020

The newest Orsay collection focuses on the most fashionable trends and timeless classic pieces, as well as feminine boho elements and the most beautiful accessories designed for absolutely all kinds of occasions.

orsay summer 2020

Thanks to such a wide fashion choice, each of us will find something for herself to welcome summer in the best of ways.

Orsay Summer 2020


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