Spring is slowly creeping back into our lives, and as soon as those first rays of sunlight hit our skin, we can’t wait to bust out the spring closet. No more taking half an hour to put on all the layers, another fifteen minutes to make sure they all match, and then another five to lace up your boots. It’s time for something light and fun, and these are the pieces that will make it an absolute breeze.

A kaftan

Never has there been an easier piece to throw on and look amazing than a colorful kaftan. It is light and won’t make you feel like you are drowning in fabric or that you are being constricted. And if it’s still not warm enough to wear a long one as a dress, it looks amazingly chic with a pair of leggings or white jeans underneath. If you want some shape, you can add a belt to cinch in the waist, and pair it with some dangling jewelry for a true boho look. Kaftans transition into summer with ease, so you know you will get your wear out of it for more than one season.

A pleather jacket

Spring can still bring a lot of rain and colder days, and if you want to stay warm and in style, then a leather jacket is the way to go – faux leather, of course. Make sure that you try it on and find the right fit, because a size too small won’t allow you to move, while a size too big won’t give you any shape at all. You can go for something cropped to accentuate your waist, but it won’t keep you as warm as a regular length piece. Don’t think that black is the only option, because a natural brown jacket with silver or gold details can look stunning without giving the feeling that you just popped off a motorbike, if that’s not your thing.

A loose blouse

A blouse is a must-have for any professional woman, or one that wants to become her. Contrary to a tight blouse that might look unprofessional, a loose one will give you a smart casual look, and can easily be used to accentuate your shape by tucking it into a pair of pants and adding a blazer on top. If you don’t like the tucked-in look, a longer blouse or a high-low one that will cover your butt can also look very professional and dressy.

A colorful dress

It’s not fair to say that you’ve got to have a long dress, an A-line dress or any other particular shape, because you should choose the shape that fits you best. A floral or other bright print will bring out the spring theme in the dress and make you look and feel like a spring nymph. There’s been a lot of talk around sporty dresses this season, as well as ones with pleated skirts.

Straight leg bottoms

Whether you agree more with jeans or pants, a style that is perfect for spring is straight-leg and slightly cropped, to expose your ankles. Don’t mistake these for boyfriend jeans – they should fit perfectly around your hips and thighs, and then simply not be skinny, nor wide at the bottom. They are easy to pair with so many different styles and are often more comfortable than skinny jeans. They also look amazing with mules and loafers on your feet.


You might already have all of these bits in your closet, you just need to dig a little to find them. Otherwise, you can invest in a few new pieces. If you do choose to buy, go for high quality, because these are pieces that keep coming back season after season.


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