H2D is a British luxury hair styling brand, for those who only want the best for their hair.  On a personal level I was introduced to H2D when I was doing shoots a few years back and as quality stands H2D are a healthier choice than some of the straighteners were lead to believe. The wands & straighteners from H2D use tourmaline plates/barrels, which are so much better for the hair. But be warned a few leading hair brands which I felt were good at one point but let’s be honest they lost it’s quality due to quantity. You won’t find that problem with H2D. I have one of their wands nearly two years and it’s in  immaculate condition.

So today I’m going to help you and also give you a few tips along the way on two hair tools from H2D and a slight insight into their hair straightener collection.

H2D is a professional brand but is suitable and created for everyone in mind, you can purchase on H2D’S website or you can pick one up in selected hair salons.

The lead on the Hair Straightener‘s & Magicurl X3 are really long and both tools have semi-precious stones in the plates/barrel to give an envious shine, keeping the hair sleek and also working to protect the hair.

They have four types of straighteners in the range; one wide straightener and three being a longer length straightener. I generally pick the standard size but with H2D straighteners their actually 10mm longer than the general size, which we all have been using for a long time, but I always felt a fraction longer would be quicker for us all and now we have it. It’s a dream to use and it glides so effortlessly, I like a tighter curl and I also like the diversity of a longer iron. The wider straightener gives a very loose curl and you can take thicker sections for straightening the hair, where the longer one is more suited to me but everyone is different and everyone will make their decision themselves (I’m just hear to advise). You can create straight & sleek looks with any of these three straighteners, flick outs, straight looks, curls and you can also crimp the hair but you will need to do a plait first and clamp the hair with the iron to create a very effortless cool crimp, they’re no limitations and theirs plenty to do with H2D.

I tried out the Rose Gold Straightener, from the get go I feel in love with the beautiful packaging and protective heat mat and pouch. This straightener is extremely quick and it’s probably the quickest I’ve had to date it heats up in 20seconds. H2D is one of very few brands in the world to have these four settings; tourmaline plates, iconic generator, infrared heaters and rapid, high-power adjustable heat. Adjustable heat is great because not everyone needs high heat, fragile hair definitely doesn’t your putting added heat when it doesn’t need it. But thick/curly hair would need high heat in order to get a good result. The Rose Gold  Straightener has an auto switch off (1hr), heat guard, digital variable temp and the max temp is 230°c.

The Magi Curl X3 is perfect for those who like to switch it up curls wise, it gives you three different barrels to interchange to suit your mood/style. You will get three varied curls be it the tight curl from the root or a Jessica Rabbit styled curl to a more current curl called the boho curl. The trio wand has a variable temperature which is so important to have, attaching the barrels are very easy to use.

I hope my tips and advice helped and as  with any tool even H2D which are the made of the highest quality, you still need a heat protector spray, it doesn’t matter how good the tool is a heat protector spray is there for a reason.

You can purchase the Rose Gold Straightener & MagiCurl X3 on

www.h2d.co.uk  and both electrical hair stylers are £119.99 each.


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