Hat: An important accessory for every woman


Every woman owns at least one hat in the course of her lifetime that she treasures and adds whenever a seemingly boring outfit needs an extra something.

However, it was not always the case for the hat since at first its sole purpose was to protect from natural elements such as rain or shine. The hat in the form of hoods and veils had also been used to conceal a precious part of a woman, her luscious hair that was deemed inappropriate for public display. Another frequent use of the hat was for religious purposes or to signify the class of a woman; heavily ornamented hats denoted high status whereas humble hats from common materials such as wool or cotton were a sign of poor origin.


It was in later years that hats began to follow their own path, without influence from men’s fashion and social convention, and really began to blossom. New styles emerged such as the beret in France, the floppy hat in America and other styles all over the globe. Magnificent head pieces made their debut in the UK and brought an air of sophistication and luxury to important social events. First ladies of various countries like Jackie Kennedy started adding a hat when following their husbands to public outings, making hats desired by their admirers. In the 80s and especially the 90s, the famous Irish designer Philip Treacy started a new era in fashion by merging art and design in hat making and elevating the hat to an indispensable item for royalty and celebrities all around the world. Who can forget the amazing hats worn by Isabella Blow or the variety of styles that complimented the guests’ outfits at the Royal Wedding in 2011?


Nowadays, hats are more in fashion than ever and can be trusted to be worn day to night to create memorable outfits. The styles vary and any woman can choose what suits her best; fedoras, floppy hats, berets, beanies, caps and hat like accessories such as turbans and headbands can instantly brighten up one’s basic clothes. There is a perfect hat for anyone who wants to be saved at the start of a bad hair day, to add mystery at the beach while staying protected from the blazing sun or a sporty twist to compliment an outfit, to get shielded from the prying paparazzi lens in the case of celebrities, to keep the head and ears warm during winter or simply to make a bold fashion statement and gather attention to a headpiece and away from a boring outfit. In addition, there isn’t a shortage on materials either, making it easy to choose wool, straw, velvet, leather etc. depending on the weather and the desired effect.

The hat is here to stay and become a must accessory for women of all ages and backgrounds as it is a key piece to the female wardrobe; affordable and at the same time capable of completely transforming one’s look.


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