The worst feeling in the world is not knowing and I picked out a few hair products and tools for you to get the low down on.

One product no one could live without is Shampoo and this hero shampoo from Derbe Ireland is fantastic, use with the corresponding Conditioner, suitable for coloured and dry hair. To purchase the Capillary Shampoo click here  and to use the matching Conditioner click here.

Hair Serum is one product I will always use and this extremely versatile serum is suitable for dry/damaged and normal hair.

Can be used on wet/dry hair and reduces frizz giving a sleeker result while protecting the hair, but when using start at the ends when applying the product and work it up to the top, you should only have a little bit of product when you get to the top of your hair which is perfect for everyone. Retails at £8.99 and you can purchase here.

The hairdryer is one of your most used tools and having a good dryer makes your life a lot easier but knowing how to use it is as important, when Blow-drying your hair always point the nozzle down against the hair, if you have a tendency to shake it up and down the hair shaft it’s wrong as you will only create more frizz! Tip: Always point the nozzle down on the hair and keep the dryer half an inch away from the hair just so you don’t burn your hair. Professional hairdryers give a better finish and are lighter on the hands and last a very long time, this Ibiza Hairdryer retails at €145.00 and you can purchase here.

The hair brush, this is a really chic brush which is suited for hair with extensions or for brushing out your soft curls you’ve created, giving a very glamourous result. If you wear extensions it’s extremely important to use the right brush and The Belle Brush is the brush for you. Retails at €24.99 and you can check it out here.

Regincos are one of my favourite hairbrushes and if used properly can last a very long time, these brushes can be seen used by various Celebrity Hairdressers. A small brush is suitable for short hair, medium brush for shoulder length and large for long Hair. You can check out the range here.

Pro Blo is becoming a huge hit overnight and these brushes are so cool! You can use them to create volume or a soft curl by drying your hair with the brush and detaching the handle leaving the barrel in the hair to create more volume or a sultry curl. To check them out click here.

No hair feature would be complete without a BaByliss Pro,  I’ve been using BaByliss Pro for nearly ten years and the tools are still going strong. This is the new Spectrum range, pictured above is the 10mm Barrel Wand  

And it will give you a cork screw curl which also comes with a heat resistant glove.


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